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Lean On Me Video

The beat is by Bizzo and my cousin is performing in the song. I am just promoting his video on my page for exposure. :)

New Website Launched

Check out my new website www.nbmediahouse.com

Blacstone to be featured on Steve Harvey Morning Show

The RnB group Blacstone will be featured on the Steve Harvey Morning Show February 23rd. :) It has been an honor to create some tracks for them. I will be working on some more projects with them in the near future. Please stop by there reverbpage to offer support and congratulations when you get the chance. :)

New Song by Blacstone

I just finished a collaboration with the AWESOME!!! RnB Group Blacstone. The song is called Letter of Love. :) These guys are awesome singers and it was a privilege to work with them. There will be more songs coming soon :) Check out there reverbnation page when you get a chance. :)

A Daey Dream

A Daey Dream was created for my very good friend and singer Daey. We decided it is a good meditative track so I posted it here for you all to listen too :)

New Instrumentals

The next instrumentals you might here on my page will be strongly emphasized by synthesizers :) Its more of a learning process and experimenting so stay tuned! :)

Reverb Artist Locee

I have posted two songs I produced for awecome reverb artist Locee of MOBTALKMUSIK. The songs are Aint No Shame and Whats Your Name. :) Be sure to check his site out. :) www.reverbnation.com/mobtalkmusik

Video I Did For Reverb Artist LOCEE in 2011

This is a video I did for reverb artist locee in 2011 :)


Keeping Secrets Remixes

I am currently working on some remixes of the Keeping Secrets song performed by Ali Scaff a reverbnation artist. :) On the next Keeping Secrets remix I will use the same beat but will also feature reverbnation Rap artist Locee with Ali Scaff. It will be coming soon.

Ali Melissa
Ali Melissa  (almost 4 years ago)

stokeeeed! youre so talented

Instrumental CD Coming Soon

I will be releasing an instrumental CD sometime this year. :) It will be something you can ride around in your car or sit down in your home to listing too. have not decided how many tracks I will put on it. Will let you all know when it is ready. :)