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Looking for Lead Guitarist

Social Strife is looking for a Lead guitarist between 20 & 35 yrs old email socialstrife.1@gmail.com

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Merry Strifemas ...!!!

On Behalf Of Social Strife Merry Strifemas To You And Yours!! And Thank You All For Making This, A KickAss Year In "Strife"!!! You Know "The Peacock" (Terry Doucette)And I Started The "Strife" Last January 2013 And It's Been A Great Year!!! We Wrote & And Recorded The Cd!!! Played Some Kickass Rock & Roll Show's!!! Got Some Great Reviews, Radio Air Play, Hit Number 14 On ReverbNation Charts, But Best Of All.. We've Made Some Awesome Rocken New Friends!!! Thank You To Stealing Patience, Hollywood Sins & BrainCell Graveyard!!! You Guy's Rocked "The Bovine Sex Club" "Lee's Palace" & "The Velvet Underground" With Us In The Summer!!! You Guy's Are Kickass!!! TJ HABIBI And Secret Suburbia Studio's,,(Fuc€ You Tj) Love You Brother!!! Bobby Gottesman, Frank Gutch Jr And "Can't Believe My Earz" Thank You For The Reviews And Kind Words On "Strife" And All You Do For "inDie music" You Guys Rock!!! Serena Richmond Thank You...Well For All You Do, We Love You!!! Victoria Thompson Our First Strifette!!Forever Immortalized In M.D.M.A,You Rock!!! John Simpson,,,You Got The "Strife" On Film!!! Thanks Brother!!! And To You...The Crazy Ass Rock And Roll FanS..... Much Luv' And Let's Kick This New Yeas Ass..!!!

Farro Get The "Strife" 2014!!!!

"Velvet Underground" Saturday September 21st

1 Week Strifers "The Velvet Underground" Toronto!!!!! Get The "Strife" Live!!!

Live "Strife"

Fuc! Ya "Velvet Underground" Hear Cum!!! Saturday September 21st Is Gona KickAss!!! Get Your "Strife" Underground!!!!

This Saturday Toronto!!!

Get The "Strife" Live Saturday August 31st. "Lee's Palace" Toronto

"Social Strife" In Press

Just read a very cool review on the new "Social Strife" Cd!!! Thanks Bobby Gottesman I can't believe my earz for the kind words!!!!

Kick Ass Live Show!!!!

Farro: "Lee's Palace" Here We Come Baby...

"Social Strife" Cd Release Party Saturday August 31st Lee's Palace


"Social Strife" Live Tomorrow night!!!

Farro: It's Time To Kick Some Rock &Roll Ass!!!! Tomorrow Night "Social Strife" Live "The Bovine Sex Club" Get Your"Strife"On!!!!