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Michael Behm has been nominated for the British Columbia Country Music Association (BCCMA) SoCan Songwriter of the Year Award as writer/producer of Family Matters along with writers Angela Harris and Nat Jay. OprahWinfrey’sMusic Supervisor, Dave Trotter, has hailed the track, raving: “That is a great song, I mean GREAT! I would put that and 100 like it in my collection. Seldom do I get blown away." Join Michael at the 2011 BCCMA Award Shows and Conference Weekend on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at the Red Robinson Show Theatre, 2080 United Boulevard, Coquitlam, British Columbia. Versatile, dynamic, prolific—Michael Behmis amusic industry impresario. Based in British Columbia but global in popularity, Michael’s diverse entrepreneurial success includes music composition, writing and production; nightclub management, direction for one of the largest sound and lighting companies in Canada and concert promotion for major acts such as Nickelback and Nazareth. With nearly 400 TV music placements for networks and shows ranging from American Idol, MTV, UK CBS, Speed, VH1 to Discovery Channel, MTV, TLC and The Food Network, Michael is something of a music licensing genius. He currently works as producer of his own critically acclaimed music while producing other artists at his premier home-based studio. He regularly traverses Nashville, Los Angeles and Vancouver as a prominent renaissance man of the modern era.

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MusicRX Add To My Trusted Moggers Now That's The Ticket! Michael Behm has a Ticket To Heaven Posted 5 months ago Artist:Michael BehmAlbum:Saving AmericaTrack:Ticket To HeavenFrom Vancouver, here's a Canadian artist that has a great powerpop sound and concern for America. From a review at Melodic: This is really smart powerpop for the music lovers that demand something more than simple bubblegum pop choruses, Behm's songs goes deeper than that. I recently discovered this guy on his 2005 album "Love songs for the emotionally impaired" and knew his new album would be something extra, I have listened to "Saving America" quite a lot lately and must say it's even better than the previous record. The half instrumental "Underground Epic" is classic rock at it's best and the piano based "Lincoln" would make John Lennon proud. "If I had a life" bring thoughts to Bleu and songs like "Ticket to heaven" and "If I could learn to fly" could've been featured on Tal Bachman's excellent 1999 album. The title track "Saving America" takes the listener back to the heydays of E.L.O, lovely! Well, he might not save America but he could easily save your day!

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The good times are rolling for Michael Behm four months after releasing “Saving America,” The third single off his forthcoming album "If I could Learn To Fly" is enjoying top chart positions in Canada, Australia and finding solid ground in the US. "Saving America" is a big pop album full of accessible optimism and cheer, that could even turn your average American Idol fan into a power pop fan. The production work and mixing assisted by Pat Steward (The New Odds, Bryan Adams) and Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Elvis Costello, Metallica) give the album a crisp full sound. "If I Could Learn To Fly" is a huge highlight, with ELO-like echo effects and smart time signature changes. Next is the hook-laden "The Art of Letting Go" which has a great leading bass line and Michael's winning vocals. Other highlights include "Ticket to Heaven" and the danceable "Honesty" resemble a Jellyfish single with a high falsetto driving the chorus. Even the ballads are done right with "Lincoln" pulls all the right heartstrings. Also of note "Underground Epic" features some amazing guitar work in the intro similar to Sloan or Cheap Trick. Behm has an extensive back catalog, and I look forward to exploring it now. This is an excellent example of modern power pop that shouldn't be missed.

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Michael Behm returns to historic Mushroom Studios in Vancouver this week to record news tracks. "I will be teaming up with Randall Stoll on drums; (KD Lang, Kaos, Tom Cochrane) Randall drums played on Accidental Magic my 2001 release." Jim Dorin will play Pedal Steel on the tracks and engineer Delwyn Brooks world famous for getting Hugh drum sounds will be over see tracking. "We will be recording six songs, two very new ones written with help from Pete Luboff from Nashville over the last few weeks. Also rerecording a few older ones." Love's Like Numbers "Is being Loved by number's" people are digging this track Canadian radio is adding the song. Here is the link for MB group friend's. If you like it send the link to a friend it is within days of being #1 on Reverb Nation in Canada. http://www.reverbnation.com/michaelbehmmusiccom

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Singer/songwriter Michael Behm may write about saving America, but his musical instincts were carved overseas, from the buoyant harmonies and crisp guitar jangle of The Beatles. Being blatantly inspired by The Beatles is nothing new; in fact, Oasis rocketed to stardom from it. What separates Behm from his fellow Fab Four disciples is that the influence can only be heard on the surface level; beneath it, there's a distinct personality breathing and exhaling its own air. Lyrically, Behm is far from copping John Lennon or Paul McCartney. The title track originates from a unique perspective, a foreigner (Behm is Canadian) lamenting the tarnished image of the United States. Of course, this is due to the wrecking crew of George W. Bush and his cronies. Behm isn't bashing the country; rather, he's saddened by how its ideals were corrupted ("You bought the allusion/ By kissing the ring of your redneck king"). It is powerful songwriting but Behm flavors the tune with sweet, power-pop hooks that, even if the message is lost, it'll still ring in the ears hours after the CD has stopped playing. "The Art of Letting Go" and "Ticket to Heaven" is some of this year's best Britpop, albeit made in Canada. It's easy to get swept up into the momentum of Behm's infectiously melodic pop/rock. One could easily envision him opening up for Crowded House, another act with a serious crush on The Beatles and, like Behm, were able to inject their own flavors into the mix. There are times, especially on "Don't Believe," wherein Behm recalls fellow Canadian Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace; however, the music definitely isn't grunge despite the flashes of fuzz here and there. The finale, "Take Me Down to the River," is Behm at his most aggressive but it is classic, fist-pumping rock and roll, the kind with which Bruce Springsteen can stir up a stadium. Michael Behn: www.michaelbehmmusic.com Robert M. Sutton

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US FM Radio: Adds for Michael Behm the week of Feb.16/09 KDHX 88.1 FM (St. Louis, Missouri) (added) KXCI 91.3 FM (Tucson, AZ) (added) WPKN 89.5 FM (Bridgeport, CT) (added) KAOS 89.3 FM (Olympia, WA) (added) KMUD 91.1 FM (Redway, CA) (added) KBUT 90.3 FM (Crested Butte, CO) (added) WFDU 89.1 FM (Teaneck, NJ) (added next week)

"Saving America CD of the day Absoulute Powerpop

Absolute Power Pop USA We Americans may have elected Barack Obama for the job, but Canadian Michael Behm is Saving America as well - one power pop fan at a time. The Vancouver rocker's second disc is a great way to start off 2009, and its late 2008 release date means I have one slot on this year's top 125 list already filled. Vocally, Behm sounds quite a bit like Tommy Keene, and a listen to the opening track "Don't Believe" will have you thinking you stumbled on a lost TK disc as he shares Keene's melodic ways as well. The title track follows, opening with a soundclip from JFK's inaugural address, and while its lyrical content may not please a certain (shrinking) segment of the US population, it's a tuneful number with a big chorus. Elsewhere, "If I Could Learn to Fly" is a fine 80s-influenced midtempo number, "The Art of Letting Go" would have fit in nicely on the recent Rob Bonfiglio album, and "Ticket to Heaven" has that Bleu/Mike Viola feel to it. Also of note is "Underground Epic" a nearly 5-minute song collage similar to those fancied by fellow countrymen Sloan on their last couple of discs, and closer "Take Me Down to the River", which in keeping with the Canadian comparisons has a Tal Bachman feel to it. While Behm may not end up Saving America, he will save you from listening to mediocre power pop. UPDATE: Been awhile since I did a proper review, so I forgot the usual links. Here goes: CD Baby | Reverb Nation