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The MoMenTum Dream

I remember coming out of a dream state with a full song for MoMenTum by TSwang. I knew already what the song direction would be about, and I knew how I would sing it before even touching the mic in the studio. But what I didn't know is the effect it would have on dancers and my some of fans. I get compliments all the time off that song. I think I wrote song after going through a very depressive stage I was in. I didn't see my music career going anywhere so I decided to quit or take a break. I took a break for about 6 Mths and let me tell you. I could not shake it! It was just calling me back. But when I decided to come back, it was as if a new life had been breath into me.I had this new enegry and submerge from all the wait came MoMenTum.

Anthony Tswang Gullens - Famous Records (Universal Music Group)

“Exciting new Revamp of MoMenTum byTSwang album releases for January 16th 2016 officially Published through SNB FON K MUSIC (BMI) 2015| By Anthony Tswang Gullens Highly anticipated releases for the new year from Famous Records very own dynamic artist will be hitting the market 2016. The MoMenTum Revamp Album are packed with raw talent and captivating tracks that cater to every musical R&B/Hip Hop/Soul preference. These freshly new mixed and revamped tracks are worth checking out and shouldn’t be missed. MoMenTum by TSwang the Revamped Album is a refreshing addition to R&B/Hip Hop/Soul music. TSwang's down-to-earth approach to music, along with his smooth soulful expression will stun listeners and captivate them, keep them wanting for more. Stay tuned for more interesting and captivating updates, Anthony Tswang Gullens - Famous Records (Universal Music Group)

Request Residual Love by TSwang on Miami's #1 Hit Music Station Y100!

Request Residual Love by TSwang on Miami's #1 Hit Music Station Y100! 1-866-645-Y100 http://www.y100.com/main.html

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I need your vote...TSwang Reppin The BET Awards

BET HIP-HOP AWARDS WEEKEND 2015 CONTEST Vote For TSwang...My song that's playing in Atlanta is Get Over Here by TSwang feat Shorty G. I'm reppin Indiana. I need your vote to make this happen. http://www.whowantstomakeit.com/online-contest-16.html

What MoMenTom Means

TSwang's Music is currently getting airlplay on Niles, MI WSMK’s 99.1 FM, Mix 106.3, 102 Jam FM out of Orlando, FL, WHPR 88.1 FM (Detroit) WGCI 107.5 FM (Chicago) and 92.3 FM (Chicago) . TSwang dances, sings, writes and plays the keyboard....his eclectic style and enticing moves proves that he is the TRUTH, touching hearts and souls with his soulful soothing vocals The latest MoMenTum once again satisfies and delivers. Embrace the soulful, urban boy funk in its purest form. Lighting up stages with his undeniable sultry lyrics and his mesmerizing groove. T-Swang His R&B/Hip Hop/Soul cd, TSwang believes that music should be a source of joy. Gullens says he made "MoMEntum" with one goal is mind. "I wanted to do a CD and help people feel good again," he says. "I wanted to make the people feel good about what they hear and dance to. I think we have lost that part about what music was really intended for.

Tswang gears up to sign a Record Deal

Tswang is set to sign a major deal with Famous Records Jeffrey Collins Universal -Worldwide Music Distribution & Promotion Miami/Fort Lauderdale AreaEntertainment Current INNER-CITY P&M, LLC and BT&H ENTERTAINMENT, LLC, FAMOUS RECORDS CORP, The Music Industry Previous ECHO-VISTA MUSIC GROUP Education London Metropolitan University

Breaking News:

TSwang is scheduled to perform his new single Missed Signal's Currently being played on the Notre Dame radio station WSND 88.9 FM, Smoking 99.1 WSMK and WUBU Mix 106.3 FM Sunday November 2nd 2014. From 630pm at the Amvest Post 66 on Western Ave South bend, In

TSwang Returns to TheStage Thursday July 24th WNIT Ch 34 @ 8PM

TSwang Returns to TheStage Thursday July 24th WNIT Ch 34 @ 8PM http://youtu.be/CJV7nKVNg7Q

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