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Kathy von / Blog

Kathy von. The Beginning.

Hi There! I'm Kathy von. I've decided to write a daily blog covering my musical journey starting at the very, very beginning. In Fact this is my Biography to date and you can read it as it unfolds if that's your bag of chips or floats your boat. I am by music industry standards an unknown indie artist. I'm writing this because I hope to inspire anyone and everyone and especially those who have a dream and are thinking about following it. Hence forth the challenge begins. Oh and note to all pro writers,champion spellers and fancy English majors. This blog will have MANY mistakes. I am well aware of the fact that my writing is below par at best and I'm not too phased by it, so hopefully you can deal. In other words you don't have to point out the mistakes- ha. Hopefully, you, my family and friends and fans will enjoy taking this trip with me and discover how all the dots connect up to the release of my full length album. This is for you. 2/27/2014: Kathy von Broembsen. Born 1975, Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm trying my best to think back to my earliest memory. Have you ever tried that? It's really hazy and I think it must be kindergarten or what I would call nursery school. I think I had a blue blankie for nap time. I remember running around the playground and doing headstands. Even then at age 4 or 5 I remember feeling acutely aware of the world around me. When I think about how I felt then it's so hard to put in words. I know I really wanted some of things that other people had. Like long blond hair or cool shoes. My teacher was kind and this image of her brown curly hair and glasses is forever imprinted on my brain. I also had a blue bike that I would ride around the neighborhood. By myself. Gosh you couldn't do that these days. I loved the adventure and the fear of it. Going to the Graveyard a couple miles away was just the most thrill seeking adventure ever. I can still smell the Johannesburg bush veld. There was a patch of it about a mile long at the bottom of the road. It took a lot of courage to ride through that dip when the veld was long because you couldn't see anything past it. The smell of veld fires is like none other. As shocking as it is to admit I'm the child that would light matches and eat the burnt ends. Yeah so whatever I like the taste of carbon. It just so happens that my Dad invented a machine that reactivates it. Maybe that's why....

Festive Season Greetings

Hello There People! It's almost the end of the year. WHAT??? Where does the time go? Holy Moly. So many songs to write so little time. Blah Blah whatever no one wants to hear my sob story- ha. I continue to be A. Thankful B. Amazed at my commitment to music. I can be A.D.D at best and there are days where I quit hourly my music dream but thankfully music comes back and says," I'm here and you can't get rid of me, so quit trying to quit me!" This makes me smile and write another song. So cheesy to say but there you have it. Anyway back to the topic. I end this year on a high note. My Album of four years is complete. My Dance EP is done and out in the world and well now it's just STAY CALM AND KEEP WRITING SONGS for me. I, like every other artist, and or singer song writer, am wondering what it's going to take to break through the clutter and nakedness of this crazy industry to be heard. Bottom line (ha- no naked pun intended) you can't fool the people all the time- right? Good songs will find their way and the work part- well that needs to be a constant. So that's what I'm going to do. I'll keep "working" my dream and my songs and I'll put my heart out there and hopefully the world will receive my music and my message and most importantly my love. Praise Jesus because that's what it's all about. He Loves us unconditionally and that means we can love others without holding back. So my friends, my fans, people of the world. I love you all. I wish you the most Festive Season. I pray blessing over you and your loved ones and I pray peace on earth. Amen.

Thank you

For anyone who has a dream, I say live it. I say rather try and fail than never to try at all. The best part of living is in taking those first few steps towards the dreams that God gave you. God put dreams in your heart for reasons probably different to your intentions. But in the end it is all for his Glory. Thank you so much for listening to my music. It means the world to me. I wish you tons of love, peace and blessings. Kathy von