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Ok this is crazy... so many opportunities are comin my way and all I can do is say thank u God for blessing me... I'm opening for Maino on 4th of July, Sat I'm doin Beat Shots and The Book Club event, My album listening party will be on October 5th, My collaborations EP will be releasing hopefully in November, and my Album drops on Valentine's Day 2014... And I just got offered to host an online radio show with over 1/2 a million listeners... how? WHY? WAT?!?!?!?! lol Happy Me.

Random thoughts...

So things are picking up a little faster than I imagined but its all good! Just kinda surreal lol Talks of reality tv shows, interviews etc... let alone studio time, marketing my album and promoting it... so much going on and I'm feeling extremely blessed and happy.. God has been good to me. ~_~.