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Hi dear, I would like to introduce some instruments which I made, all made without notes and concepts, I put the idea straight from my head, recorded at home with simple tools, although its tone is simple yet meaningful words that have not been represented, particularly china’s war , while I making, I imagine war china happening, I imagine millions of soldiers marching to war expensive equipment, other times I imagine buildings that were completely destroyed, millions of dead soldiers, crying children with wounds on the face for his parents, expensive plane fell to earth, all destroyed, leaving rubble with fire and smoke everywhere, no one wins in a war there is only the destruction of all that is built with great difficulty. I hope this war will never happen. I expect there are professional musicians who want to redesign this song, play and record in a professional song for free, who knows this song can inspire a song to prevent future wars, wars divert existing funds to fight poverty in the world. PEACE (Mind @ Plant)