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Earth Day

Berks County Earth Day 2009 was great. This years location was nice , and being on a covered stage was nice - 'cause I've performed there in the past when the weather was rainy,and you were out in the open. It was sunny this year! It gets better each year and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Tony Seo
Tony Seo  (almost 9 years ago)

It was great day out yesterday. I played at Earth Day in Jim Thorpe and you could not have asked for nicer weather.Tony

Anybody out there ?

Does anyone ever look at these blog pages ? If so let me know !

Kevin Doberstein. Relaxing and Soothing Wood Flute Music for Meditation CD's and mp3's
Kevin Doberstein. Relaxing and Soothing Wood Flute Music for Meditation CD's and mp3's  (almost 9 years ago)

Hey Dave, I read your blog post.Kevin


Reflecting was recorded on 2-6-09.

Winter Recordings

You may have noticed I've added some new recordings to my songs. I wanted to have a bit of variety tacked on with the nature recordings. Also I just wanted to have at least one number that featured the sitar. These are simple recordings , I wanted them to sound as close to 'live' as possible. Sort of a audio snapshot of the moment. Okay then. Hey- it's snowing out right now ! as I'm typing. Wow.

New Song Added

I added a new song 1-13-09. Features rim blown flute and tambora.

Hard Bean & Trotter the Horse

Well, the December show at the Hard Bean in Boyertown was cool. Trotter the Horse was giving carriage rides outdoors, I did bring the banjo. I played Jingle Bells (sing along) and chicken dance with crowd participation. Also ,of course , lots of sitar, flutes, and guitar. The first act there was good, some guys from Reading, PA. You should have been there.

Holiday Banjo

At the hard bean cafe tonight , I intend to take the banjo (along with all the other instruments). If I'm gonna play some holiday songs- well, nuthin' says fun like a banjo.


Go to the photo labled "woods" click on it and see if you can find the chipmunk. While recording I found that the chipmunks seemed to like the didgeridoo sound.

Hawk Photo

Go the the photos section and click on the one marked coopers hawk. He's there ,I promise you. Look in the dead center of the picture on the large branch. There were four hawk babies in our woods in 2008. From spring to summer we watched them go from fluffy white orbs in the nest to full grown hunting hawks. That's one of them.

The Recordings

These recordings are done with a battery powered digital recorder in remote settings. They are then mastered in studio to ensure good sound. Of course I can only take instruments that I can carry with me so the flutes, & didgeridoo were ideal. I did add didgeridoo to one track ,"Mother Spider", post recording. I just felt it was needed. Originally that track was just frame drum and water sound - kind of empty. I only kept it because while drumming there was a huge spider sitting on a boulder in the stream next to me. It was sitting on its egg case and would not move no matter how near or loud I got. Mainly because of that I felt the track really needed to take on some kind of life of its own so I added the didge (key of A) - It was just the thing to do. The other didgeridoo used was mainly my Low D. The flute was a drone in E minor. Also on the track 'High Ridge Sounding" I added Didgeridoo post field recording. It fit well as a build up to the existing flute part- Low B building to mid E- that was the only other sweetening of the mix. Thanks to Studio 210 for the excellent mastering job also.