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New Moon Meditation

Hosting New Moon Sound Meditation on Wednesday night closest to New Moon @ 7:00PM at: Healing Spirit Cafe in St Peters Village 3421 St Peters Road, St. Peters PA 19470 For Info http://www.healingspiritcafe.com

Clinical Music Certification

I have now finished my training and have my certification for clinical music. After years of doing healing sound type work I came to the conclusion that I needed to legitimize what I was doing for my benifit and for the benifit of those I serve. I am now looking to expand on what I am doing and find work in this wonderful field.


Turkey turkey turkey, the turkey spirit is quite strong in this place. I seem to be at the center of a Turkey Tar Pit that traps all things Turkey , a black hole gobble , gobbling up all of Turkey Lurky reality.

Nice Write Up in Paper

Find it here: http://readingeagle.com/article.aspx?id=338813

Pure Body

Pure Body in Douglassville PA is very nice. If you are anywhere near ther you should visit for our wednesday night sound meditation. It just me with the didgeridoos, flutes & drumming. Perhaps sound meditation or sound journey isn't catchy enough of a name for it. I'm open to suggestions... what should I call it ? Let me know your thoughts.


I was going to unload the van last night. I went to go around to the back to open up the garage and thought, maybe I should go around front through the house in case the skunk or the raccoons are back there chowing down at the bird feeder. I decided to walk around back anyway and got to the corner of the garage and hesitated. I went through the house. I stopped and put on the light out back and sure enough, it was raccoon time out there. It was nice that I didn't get in the middle of raccoon and his food. This one was pretty big. Not that I'm scared of him, I just didn't want to interrupt dinner time. Now the skunk, thats another story. He's a truly frightening creature. He stinks.


So the sum of all the parts is only this? What is he talking about ? As you listen to a song, do you listen to it as one thing... or do you listen to the vocal first and foremost, or the main melodic instrument ? Something to think about.


Over the holiday break form work (at a school) I made the choice to bag shaving. After 5 days I found it very difficult to play my favorite didgeridoo. It was the stupid stubble. I discussed this with some other didge related friends and there seemed to be no consensus on wether or not this not shaving thing should have any sway on playing ability. Well it was bothering me so- back to normal. Now you see photos of some of the worlds mightiest didge players with beard & so on, they must have some ability I don't have a handle on. It's win win however- I look much better with no beard. And its so disturbing to me to have an instrument suddenly not respond , especially one thats been a fav for years. Sometimes those trees (that is what they are) seem to still have a mind (spirit? ) of their own. : )

Morning Meditation @St. Peters Village

Our Sunday morning meditation (11:00AM on the lower deck outdoors at St Peters Bakery) is truly something to experience. The river is only about 5 yards away, and the towering granite boulders that spring from the ground; together with the surrounding woodlands - it is the perfect sound meditation place. The sound of the drum & gong, the didgeridoo all blending with the rhythm of Earth and nature. The sweet sound of the flute and the call of the birds. The rocks seem to hold the heat of the ground and are warmed by the sun. They in turn warn the air and as the air current rises, you can see the vultures ride the thermals up into the sky. It is hard to find the right words. You should see for yourself. This Sunday 5-23-10 the rain held off just long enough. The river seemed loud today , I guess because of the rainfall earlier in the week. A large squirl joined me on the deck as well as some birds. If you wern't there you missed a very pleasent morning. This has been a good thing. It is done for the season now having run from May to October. The weather is too cold for an outdoor event of this nature. It will be back in May 2011. I look forward to it. I hope those who attended found some inspiration or something.

The Great Blue Heron

I live very near the Manatawny River. Often I see a Great Blue Heron wading in the water or roosting in one of the trees. I've observed him quite often. He seems to be more at ease with me latly; at first he would see me and fly off, Now he stays around. I've even heard the call that they make. It's a loud harsh squak- like a crow but more raspy. This was the high-light of a rough summer.

Kevin Doberstein. Relaxing and Soothing Wood Flute Music for Meditation CD's and mp3's
Kevin Doberstein. Relaxing and Soothing Wood Flute Music for Meditation CD's and mp3's  (over 8 years ago)

Isn't it great Dave to hear such a beautiful bird.