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My first Crowd Review

Man the critics are hard on crowd reviews on reverbnation, I take it too ways. On one hand I can see there point and try and improve and get better but the other hand. That's for radio potential. I wasn't aiming for radio potential. I'm a underground artists, and unless music changes and gives artists back their freedom. I plan on staying that way. I mean can't try and please everyone especially your critics. You can please some by working hard and improving but not all of them will ever turn around. I'm more focused on my fans,family, friends and supporters. I know I took a big step foward from when I started in '07. And yes I know I'm not perfect. But I feed off constructive critism, that's the main reason I did a crowd review. Cause it gets me extra motivated and pumped to better myself improve myself and make better songs one after the next....Stay tuned for the next album. Gonna get better and better with each song and each album I know I am, man that was some really good motivation I needed. Might just stay up all night and write some tracks. Well not all night need to sleep,to get ready for work tomorrow. But you get the point.

~MC Spinna

Trying to Appeal to All (5 MCs Most relating to me)

Writing lyrics in the third person being the voice of the voiceless. Helping express peoples feelings and opinions. Not everything I rap about is my own beliefs. But a group of people. I'm trying to be a activist like KRS-ONE with the lyricist like Talib Kweli, flow like Biggie. Truth like Immortal Technique and Hardcore flow like Bumpy Knuckles. Those are the 5 emcees that are most relating to me.

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