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BinKi BootZ - Listening Party in July 2014

BinKi BootZ aka BBz is in the studio Now!! working diligently on a new Single called "BELIEVE" in the Chi-Key with the Inspiring Muscian/Vocalist Rikki G,and Beat Master B-Love of Slo&Lo Productions-sloandlo@yahoo.com.

BinKi BootZ has been working on her Theme Song "GET LOOSE BinKi BootZ" with the hypmotixing Poet/Writer Asanaye Indris and With Icing Love and family Cake support A few new project Singles called "IF" with Over 60 Records and (A beat by Dimonz) aka Domi Rash "Ride Out With Me". will also be added to conclude the "The Vibe Ride" Mini Album.

A Outside Listenting Party is scheduled for August 2014 for some summer fun.

Your Listening skills are definately appreciated . Thank you for voting!!!

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BinKi BootZ new Single "RiDE" Side by Side

“Put Your Foot down Productions” (pyfootdprod@gmail.com) & Over 60 Records Releases the new 2013 Single “RiDE” with me Side by Side, Collaborating with some talented 510 Beat Masters and Writers & bringing the Old School Dance Beatz back with a twist of Techno and Hard-Pop. When BinKi BootZ aka (BBz) steps off her Motorcycle and onto the stage she will ignite you then get you Crunk! This will be an extremely fearless and talented performance. BinKi BootZ is fearless and ready to Put Her Foot Down!!!