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Hell Yea

Another local Ear Readers Choice Awards Show. Yes I love em. I always have a good time and I always leave knowing I got to meet and visit with some musicians that I otherwise would not have met. And it’s great to see what’s going on musically in our area, whatever the genre. (THAT’S NOT WHAT IT’S ABOUT). I hate that genre word, sounds like a disease. Anyway, I think the award for the Midnight Playboys was great. They are a big part of Nevada’s musical history. I like to mention that while Raymond Stewart was doing a couple of old songs (which if your thinking about it for the right reasons was a wonderful thing) a certain group of young “gentlemen” I won’t mention names but they won the award for best new act, were very supportive and cheered. CHEERS to you men. (THAT’S WHAT IT’S ABOUT) Then a little while later while they were playing, two older men (they know who they are) made rude comments to me about the music. JEERS to them. (THAT’S NOT WHAT IT’S ABOUT)..Hats off to Doug again ( you rascal) for making it happen. Thanks to Dale Lipe and Drew Bauer for a fine job. Congrats to all the winners and nominees, and thanks to all who voted for “The Wildflowers” from Lorrie and I. And a big THANK YOU to all who showed up in support of local music. With the holiday season approaching and times being kind of tough, lets all try and remember daily, what it’s about. Best to each and every one of you, Dan