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Hey everyone dont forget to try my new "Desperados Cornfed BBQ Sauce" The first five to contact me about it get theirs free.

Happy Fathers Day

I hope all the dads out there are enjoying their fathers day as much as I am mine. I would also like to thank my wife Cassy and daughters Hermione and Samantha for making sure today was a great day.

Movin on up

Hell yea im movin on up

Thank you fans

Hey its your buddy Desperado with the Cornfed Rednecks. I would like to thank everyone who has become a fan. you have no idea how much hope you give me and how much you help me keep my head held high. you make me believe in what im doin and make me believe that me and mine are gonna be just fine. thank you, God Bless, and much love.

Beach Party Photo Shoot

In the next month or so I will be needing as many people as I can get to come to a beach party for a photo shoot I am having. Contact me for more info.

Seeking artists

I am looking for people who can play drums or guitar and another rapper. Let me know if you are interested.

New Song

I just finished writing my new song. Now I am going to take a few days to review and edit it till i love it. After that i will be recording and will spend a few days reviewing and editing till i love it. If i dont love it i will not post it.

New Fans

Hey thanks to everyone that has become a fan. As you can read in my bio i am recording my songs on my computer with a $20 headset. My songs are not professional but than again im not a pro. I am keeping my head up though. i have taken a slight break. the previous songs that i put on here i wrote in like 10 mins and than just recorded without much thought put into it. Right now though i am working on a song that i will not be posting until a full week has went by of reviewing and editing. Even than if i am not 100% happy with the song i will not be posting it. Keep it kuntry baby!

Edit,edit,edit, and edit some more

As of now i am working on my past songs again till i love them and will be writing some new songs. I plan to post some more songs in a month or so. Keep it kuntry baby!

Makin demo cd

workin on my first demo cd. hopefully i can get in a studio with it.