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Chicago Independent Music Pop Artist of the Year 2014

With a very grateful heart, I am so excited to say that tonight, at the Field Museum in Chicago, I won Best Pop Artist 2014 in the Chicago Independent Music Awards! Thank you to all those who have supported me, listened to my music, reached out to me, and have been a part of my journey! Believe in Dreams, they do come true! Thank you :) !!


Thank you to Chicago Music Guide for hosting our release party! All songs on EP were produced by The Ontic in Studio City, California, by Rye Randa and Jeffrey Foxworth. Plaything is my second ep and was funded by Kickstarer and my 47 amazing backers! Thank you, from my heart to all who came together to make this ep happen!

"Break in Two" makes the Montauk Music Fest Compilation CD!

We had an awesome time playing on three stages at the Montauk Music Fest in May 2013! I was so excited to have my original song, "Break in Two" was selected to be on this years compilation cd! With over 3,000 applications, we were selected to be one of 100 artists invited to play in this festival. We had a great time and made many friends and enjoyed being there! So grateful! : )

After 2 years of Heartbreak...

After 2 years of heartbreak, Ashleigh Ashton is trying to complete the work she began with her late producer. http://kck.st/N4aTbc Take a few minutes to watch her story! She is inspiring others and needs your help to spread the word! http://kck.st/N4aTbc Launch date: Aug. 15 End date: Oct 14 Thank you for your support!

Backstage At Big Time Rush Tonight!

Invited to go backstage tonight in Chicago at Big Time Rush/Jackson Guthry/One Direction Concert! Got to take a peek inside the tour bus and had the pleasure of meeting Jackson Guthy. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Richard for making this possible!


So Happy to be a finalist for F.A.M.E., Foundations of Artists Mentored in Entertainment, on March 8th, hosted by Billy Dec of Windy City Live, and judged by Julian of B96, Brotha Fred of KissFM, and local R&B artist Taylor Mallory! Also found out that Billy Corrigan from Smashing Pumpkins will be there. I am one of four finalists. So HAPPY to be a part of this Awesome event!


Had the most AMAZING time of my life talking to high school student and college students about believing in their dreams and making positive choices! It was an honor to be a small part of these students school day and I hope that they realize how much they mean to me! Excited to see where this road leads! Contact me to bring the DEFY WORDS TOUR to a high school or junior high school near you!

"Words Hurt Week"

I am so Excited and Honored to be speaking/singing at Appleton East High School for "Words Hurt Week." We all have the POWER to decide which words to believe and which words to let roll off our backs. Hoping to make a difference!

My New EP "DEFY" now on CD Baby and ITunes!!

My debut cd is called DEFY. The word "defy" means to take a stand. The act of defying is a celebration of power. Each of my songs carries an example of a defying moment. In "So Long Baby" I am celebrating the power that I have to walk away and to be free. I am standing up for my rights. In "This Love" I am celebrating the power that I have to follow my heart. I am fearlessly walking down the path to my dreams and not letting anyone bring me down. "Late December" has a different type of defy involved. I am celebrating the power of defeat. I am demanding an answer to the unknown. In "Break In Two" I am celebrating the power of invincibility of the fact that no one can break me. I am unstoppable! Working on these songs was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I will never forget it. I got to travel to New York twice last summer! I am so happy with the way my songs turned out, but I could not have done this all by myself. I had a vision for each and every one of these songs and thanks to Barry Goldstein and Richard Fink...my visions came to life! They both did an amazing job collaborating with me! What began as just me and my guitar, turned into something even better than I had ever imagined! I would just like to say THANK YOU for bringing these songs to life! I would like to give a special thank you to Barry Goldstein, for allowing me to use his song, "There's An Angel Watching You" as a gift to help me raise funds to complete a full length version of this cd. I appreciate his kind gesture. I am very excited about finishing this project! A little bit about the songs... The song "This Love" came through me. The song describes a dream where a wise being comes to me and tells me to follow my dreams, believe in myself and to feel the LOVE! The song has an infectious beat and leaves you feeling uplifted! This song came to me very quickly...almost like my hand was racing to write these lyrics down all by itself. I feel like the wise being was my grandfather, who I was very close to in life. The song was actually written on May 7, 2009...my grandfather's birthday! May 7th 2009, was also the day that Barry Goldstein approached my parents about producing my music! "So Long Baby" is a catchy tune that inspires people to reach for change and not to stay in situations where they are being undervalued. It is about getting rid of your baggage and fighting for your rights. It is about taking action and making change! The song was inspired by an event in my own life. I am glad for the experience because it gave birth to this amazing song. "Late December" was written in November of 2008. It is the emotional journey of a person who suddenly finds them self alone and no longer feels like they know who they are and where they fit in. This song came to me, not being inspired by anything personal. "There's An Angel Watching You" was written by my producer, the Grammy Award Winning Barry Goldstein. This beautiful song is very inspirational and moving. I am accompanied by beautiful piano music. "Break In Two" was co written by myself, Richard Fink IV and Johnny Cummings. I would like to dedicate this song to all the people who tried to "Break me In Two" and stop me from achieving my dream. This song was inspired by a song that I wrote called "Break Me." Along my journey, many people have told me that I need to be "practical" and to not be such a dreamer. Including one of my school teachers who said, "I doubt we will ever be listening to Ashleigh J. on our IPods," on career day. This song is about following your dreams and not letting anyone or anything come between you and what you were born to do. No matter what your dream is...no one can take it from you unless you let them! Thank you for supporting my dreams and purchasing my music! I hope you enjoy my songs! Keep checking back for this is only the beginning.

My New song "Break In Two"

I am very excited about My new original song "Break In Two" was co-written by me and the Amazingly talented Johnny Cummings and Richard Fink IV. They also produced it as well.

This song is about going for your dreams and tuning out all those people who try to stop you by making fun of you or tell you that will never happen. The truth is when you want something bad enough and are truly passionate about it, you can achieve anything!!

You can now buy it on iTunes!!

Please stop by and take a listen then buy it!!

Once again, I really appreciate the support you all have given me!!

Keep on the look out!! I have more coming in the upcoming months!! This is just the begining!!

Love you,


PS. I also just added 4 more videos from a performance I did last year!