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What does it take to "Make it?"

The essence of knowing what it takes to "Make It" lies in the truth that's within oneself. I've known for a very long time what I wanted to do with my life and career. Not to say I was never curious towards other ventures, but I did have a clue as to what my passion is. Entertaining! I believe what it takes to make it in this industry in particular, is to really step out on faith, and be not afraid of the chances you may or may not have to take. I've learned a lot being in a class room, studying and whatnot, but there is nothing like being hands on and really in the role and position you long for. Making it does not always mean having a billion dollars in your bank account (None of us are Opera). Making it means to be successful at something. Thus, putting in the work, the research, the long hours, the stress, tears, laughter, and having fun most importantly. When I wake up every morning I ask myself; "Finesse, how much closer are we going to get to the "Making it" today?" and the answer will always be; "As close as God allows me". See I believe when you begin to expand yourself, and no longer put limitations to your abilities you will begin to see just how far you can go. Step out the box, and take a leap! That's if you believe that you can fly!