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"If Your a Artist of Any Genre and You Wanna Take Your Craft to the Big Leagues Hit Up Julian at Murdaburg Productions. One Of the Best Producer/Engineer's I Have Been Able To Work With. With The Positive Atmosphere at Murdaburg Its Not Just A Recording Session Its More Than That" -Yungn Fresh

"If you're looking for a friendly and professional place to record your next hit single, album, demo or mixtape, then check out Murdaburg productions in the Upstate of South Carolina.. Rocking with them since 2008! Signing out"- Rapscall aka Spooky Raw

"Um if you never been to this place u need to..just listen to Dvine Ruler Super Album Dvine Intervention!!!!!!!! I bet you'll love everything. Julian Haney know my beats so well your track will come out super high quality. Also check out super classic Out the Ashes by Jamaal Dawkins J-Smoove. Then Antoine Gary with NIGHT LIFE MUSIC 2!! ISH GETTIN VERY VERY CRUCIAL!! Need business hit up Stormy Marie AND THE SEXY A$$ Takeysha Foster THIS IS NOT A GAME ROUN HERE!!! HIT US UP TODAY"- JRod Beatz/Productions

"If you tryna take your music to tha next level, Murdaburg Productions is where you need to be!"- Twan

"Recorded my entire album at Murdaburg and the work quality is superb! Production and mastering done by Julian Sweets Haney for Dvine Intervention."- Dvine

"Murdaburg Productions is where you want to be! This studio makes good music sound great! you want the best sound & production?!?!?!?.... Go to Murdaburg Productions!!! That's Where its at!!!"- Jsmoove