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5000 mile journey begins

Welcome to the Uncommon Evolution, Join us as we start the journey of our musical lives. The Challenge: Get our asses to New Jersey from Montana and record at "THE MACHINE SHOP!!" Yes, it is a BIG hurdle and we feel it is possible with the help of our family, friends and fans. So the invitation has been graciously extended to us by the Studio and Machine (producer for Clutch, Lamb of God, Nine inch Nails, Fallout Boy). So we need you help to raise the funds to get out there. Please go checkout out kickstarter page and give us a hand if you can. THANK you. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2032077858/from-the-tool-shed-to-the-machine-shop

The night was out of this world

We drove down to Missoula fully expecting to play to an opening band crowd (empty). Much to our surprise, the room started filling up, the PA system was primed and buzzing as well as my nerves. We put out heads down and played the best we could and when we lifted out heads at the end of our set, their was tons of people fully feeling our bleeding hearts on the stage,... then the screams lifted us up and kept us on high as our friends End Ever shredded their set, and then,.. The highlight of the evening, Universal Choke Sign set the venue on fire. After a long night of perfectly loud metal we found ourselves in one of the weirdest and coolest REAL UNDERGROUND after parties...it was hidden underground, in a huge parking structure made into a band hangout and rehearsal center. it reminded me of a seen from the movie SAW. we found our hotel and the rest is history. it was an incredible evening.