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WHAT A GREAT NIGHT, RUSH WAS FANTASTIC, ( think Mark Young shed a tear when they came on stage, lol ) so did i when they played " the garden "....... ( but dont tell anyone ) the stage show was absolutely gob smakin..... the flames and pyrotechnics where mind blowing, and the rush string ensemble coming on for the 2nd set to add too the whole feel of the clockwork angels section was a master stroke..... after nearly 40 years in the music bizz rush are getting better and better ( where other bands fall to the wayside )..... it was a brilliant balance of the old and the new and then to finish with spirit of the radio, tom sawyer and 2112... 2 and a half hours of master musicianship, its plan to see why this year rush have Accomplish so much ( induction to rock and roll hall of fame "blah blah blah" and rock album of the year ).....well,.... thank you Geddy Lee Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. you made this boy from the fens and very happy chap..... long may RUSH rule. also a big thank you to Mr alistair cheetham ( whoever you are ) for just walking up and handing over 2 tickets for 20 rows from the front... "i bought them outside for £20 on the off chance. and would rather give them to someone who would appreciate them, then make money from them" he said, well they were WELL appreciated.. THANK YOU AGAIN....... — feeling blessed.

????? SONGS ?????

Hi guys...... Im looking for a little help.... Im in the process of choosing songs for my set lists.... Ive pick some of my favoutrites . But what are yours??????? Let me know and ill see if i can add them to my show.. MOST genres 50's/60's - modern day..... Come on, tell me.......