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Mountain Lullaby

We just added a little, rough recording of Mountain Lullaby, an original. This was recorded on an iphone during a party. It is one of my favorite little bits of the Semi-Precious galaxy. This song means a lot. We also did a carefully executed high quality recording of this song, but I like the iphone version better.

Shows on the Horizon...

We are excited to play the Noe Valley Farmers Market on April 12. This market really nurtures and features musicians. However, they divide the market into three sets, so we will only be playing from 11:30 - 1:00. So, if you'd like a happy day in a quaint neighborhood, come over and spend some time with us. The very next day we'll be back in San Francisco, playing at the Bay View Mercantile artisan food fair, at the outdoor campus of All Good Pizza. This is our second booking at a Bay View Mercantile Event, and it will be fun. A happy coincidence: All Good Pizza has the best pizza on the west coast, so we hope you join us.

Cute video...

Check out the cutest patron from this past weekend:


Playing farmers markets is so fun. We get to try out new material in a very forgiving environment, people are so appreciative and fun to interact with, and you never know what will happen. The environment is nice, and it is always interesting.

4th Street Fine Art Show!

Thanks to 4th Street Fine Art for asking us to be a part of the speclial showing of art by Kori Kisielprice and ShawNshawN. It was a great evening full of kind, happy people, and beautiful art. Special thanks to Rick Auerbach for coming and listening so intently to our music! It meant so much to meet you Rick! Thanks also to Niko, Misha and Victor.

First Video Recording!

Sadly, our Moraga performance last weekend was cancelled due to rain. But happily, we used that time to record a video, which is now up on this page! We recorded several cover songs we play live, and what has come from the session so far, is Fix You, by Coldplay. Please watch / listen, and tell yourself "I really enjoy this." Audio engineer: Joseph Uy; Video engineer: Cam Uy. The project was done on a moment's notice, and was a learning experience for us. We will do even better next time.

Supporting All Radical Causes in Berkeley

On February 15 Semi Precious will play at the 4th Street Fine Art Gallery during a show featuring works by local painter Kori Kiselprice. Hopefully, with peace and love, we can mend all the hearts that will have been broken on the day previous.

2014 Giving Campaign

In 2014, we hope you'll give us a lot. We'll do our part to facilitate it. First, of course, there is Off this Grid in Concord this weekend... then, we begin our outreach to farmers. On January 12, we'll be at the farmer's market in Mountain View. On February 2, we are at the farmer's market in Moraga. Details and more shows to follow. In 2013 a farmer gave us a crazy good yellow watermelon, so imagine the possibilities for 2014...

At, In and On Off the Grid

Off the Grid is a gathering of cool gourmet food trucks, recently expanded to Concord - at the Willows Shopping Center. Semi-Precious will play music as people eat lots of delicious food. So, this is your chance to have a multiple sensory experience. We'll be playing from noon to 1:30 on December 7. Please come over and hang out. The food is killer, and since our set is so short (by our standards), our music will all be killer too. We won't have any time to start experimenting and get into trouble.

You may have noticed that our Atlas Cafe show is not on calendar. We had a scheduling issue. However, Rosa Del Duca will perform instead, and she is amazing, so there is no net loss to the general public.

C a M e R o N

Alex's brother Cameron has been important to Semi-Precious in many ways. First, many of the great photographs on this page were taken by Cameron. If you see a live shot that looks like pro quality, that is a Cameron pic. As soon as we finish a show, it is exciting to see what Cam has captured on film. Cam also helps with the live set up and mixing. Finally, he sometimes plays trumpet with us! Looks in the 'photos' section of this page, and you'll see him playing trumpet at a San Francisco performance) Thanks Cam!

Bayview Mercantile Event! Oct. 20 in SF. Sweet!

This will be so cool. All Good Pizza is a wonderful family owned, organic / local, etc. gourmet pizza ... trailer ... situated at an outdoor, park-like environment, and they will host the Bayview Mercantile event on 10/20. There are picnic tables, umbrellas, pumpkins, lovely plants, and amazing food. We will provide the music! We are SO excited. I am on record, months ago on twitter, asserting that All Good Pizza is the BEST pizza on the west coast! Check out www.allgoodpizza.com Plus there will be other vendors and treats on site. Last time a vendor was giving out HUGE servings of local, organic gelato. And parking is generally not a problem. Right across from Flora Grubb. This will be a good day.

We did play the Oakland Art Murmur / First Friday event last week. Unfortunately no one, not even us, heard us. But it was a fun and surreal evening, regardless.