Hear it now Bad Boy (Demo Version)

Check out the new single Bad Boy (demo version) before the single version is released ! On the Destination Gypsy you tube channel ! Have a Great Day- DG https://www.youtube.com/user/DESTINATIONGYPSY

New update 4 Single Bad Boy

Destination Gypsy is releasing a single track his first in five years the street date is August 27 2015 on Clear Blue Sun Records -Dee Dee Williams PR

NEW Song : At the Ocean and

"Hollywood Bad Boy" Releases December 9 2015.........Here Comes Skeleton Man! \m/ Got Purple Rock? Well hear some right away, all New songs by DG: At the Ocean, Ive Been Thinking and Hollywood Blues. -Dee Dee Williams PR

Destination Gypsy Album "Hollywood Bad Boy"

Destination Gypsy's next Album Release Date has been set for December 9 2015 : Self titled: Destination Gypsy "Hollywood Bad Boy" "The Bad Boy Maniac is Back"....with his DG stamp on every song this is the first release since Destination or Death so it's been a while. So get ready all you Bad Boyz and Girlz to Unleash Your Inner Gypsy. Also be sure to catch DG Live in your area on the Destination Gypsy Bad Boy Tour. -Dee Dee Williams 2015 년 12 월 9 대상 집시의 다음 앨범 릴리스 날짜를 설정: 자기 라는 제목의: 대상 집시 "할리우드 배드 보가" "나쁜 소년 미치광이 다시"... 그의 DG와 우표에 모든 노래가 이므로 첫 번째 릴리스 대상 또는 죽음 이후 그것은 잠시 있었다. 이렇게 준비 하면 모든 나쁜 보이즈와 Girlz 자유롭게 당신의 내부적인 집시를. 또한 DG 라이브를 잡으려고 해야 宛先ジプシーの次のアルバム発売日 2015 年 12 月 9 日に設定されている: 自己タイトル: 先ジプシー「ハリウッドの不良少年」全ての曲でこれをスタンプ「悪い男の子マニアックに戻るか"... 彼 DG では、最初リリース先または死以来それは久しぶりです。だから準備ができているすべてのあなたの悪いボーイズと Girlz になる内側のジプシーを放ちます。また、DG のライブをキャッチすることが必ず

New Music Added to Reverbnation/Destination

4 New Songs! From Destination Gypsy Pass it on.

Destination Gypsy & Lemme Kilmister of Motorhead

Destination Gypsy & Lemme Kilmister of Motorhead Partying in West ... from Destination Gypsy� "Unleash Your Inner Gypsy" � 2012 Destination Gypsy All Rights Reserved http://www.destinationgypsy.com

Destination Gypsy™ Clothing Line

Preview a Tuesday Teaser or Two From Destination Gypsy™ Clothing Line Designer Products by Purple Rock Founder Destination Gypsy Let us Know How you Like it. Visit Us: http://www.destinationgypsy.net

"Metal House of Rock"

Purple Gypsy's Wassup....Finally New Episode "Judgement and Covenant Renewal" Get More out of Life With MHOR at Metal house of Rock !

Cool Stuff yes! "It's Slamatouchous Sunday" http://www.metalhouseofrock.com

DG New TV & Film Agent in Hollywood & Leading Role in New...

Destination Gypsy Recently Signed With A New TV & Film Agent in Hollywood and to Play Main Character in New Martial Art Movie Los Angeles http://www.destinationgypsy.com

Destination Gypsy in Los Angeles News

Check out the Big Demeanor From Pasadena Destination Gypsy at Festival in LA.