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Goodbyes....for now

So it has been quite a day today. We have all come to realize that we won't be practicing all together until around October, which is a long time for us! AJ and Laura left for college today and I (Anna) don't leave until the 31st.

Later today we will be posting another demo of a song that we finished last night. SO BE READY FOR THAT!!!!!!!!! Also we are coming out with some awesome new merch items that we think ya'll will really enjoy!!

First Blog!

Big things are happening in the Fun Don't Stop Family! We would like to everyone for being so freaked supportive of us and our music, really! The only crappy thing is that we all are going to college in completely different places, but we will find a way to make it work! Stay tuned for more music and shows to come! Thanks from all of us

FDS (Fun Don't Stop) :)