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staying relevant

So staying relevant is REALLY hard lol. So in order to keep you impatient people happy I will drop 1(count it) one song on the last friday of every month starting in July. They will be available for streaming but only my fans on here (reverbnation) will be able to download them. Here's the catch though, all of these monthly release songs will NOT be on any of my albums. BUT every 14 months i will release a 13 track mixtape with all of the songs i released over the passed 13 months (kind of like a recap) So....whose ready for the begining of "the forgotten" series?

Future Plans

Ok so I'll let you guys in on a little secret. As you know, my mixtape is dropping next Friday, May 31st, hopefully that goes well. The next step is trying to get shows. I know a guy that does videos and he will be doing the video for the post single I'm going to drop called H&N(hot and naughty). He also knows a few club promoters that might be looking for opening acts. Either way eventually I'll end up getting booked by someone. Now, what i was thinking, my mixtape is pretty much done, all I have to do is promote it . So while I promote that I will hold a little competition, 1 count it, ONE song will make a reappearance on my next mixtape. I don't know which one, that's up to the other artists willing to collaborate with me. All the artist(s) has to do is email me at dbo13music@gmail.com with the song(s) they want to make a remix of and i will send them the instrumental. When they finish, they will send it back to me in 2 forms, one as a whole(vocals and instrumental together) and another with just the vocals so i can mix and master the song when its done. I will only be picking one feature so whoever i feel sounds the best gets a spot on my mixtape, a little bit of free promotion, and possibly another artist to work on more music with.