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New songs

I just added 5 new songs today, they are a little different then I usually do. I hope that you like them.

Added pictures

I just added 6 photos. It is so much easier to manipulate this site now, Thank God.

Final Touches

I just finished the lyrics and I am done. It wasn't quite as hard as yesterday.

Working on Reverbnation site

I finally returned back to Reverbnation, and added 6 new songs, "holly crap" what a lot of work. You see, I had forgotten how to do this stuff, I must be some kind of a computer genius or something. Anyway, I hope that you all "LIKE" the new songs, I hope. Thanks.DON

3rd day, May26/2013

Not much to do today, just waiting for people to start viewing this sight. Pass the word around, if you could please. Thanks... Don

2nd day

I think that I have finally finished what I need to do, to get this thing going. I saw it live on another computer, and I am very happy with it, I HOPE that it helps!!!!!

1st Day

It is Fri May 23/2013, and I have been working on this site it seems to be forever. I am simply trying to finish this thing, but it doesn't seem to want me to leave. I've uploaded 5 songs, and I'm going through all of the details. Hopefully I'll be done soon.