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The Script

The Script is one of my favorite bands right now. Specifically their recent "Science and Faith" album. Their songwriting is amazing to me. In high school, English teachers would always say, "Show, don't tell" and that's what the Script does when they write. If you want to hear some genius lyric writing, listen to "For The First Time" (which I'm sure anyone who ever listens to the radio has heard), "Nothing," and "If You Ever Come Back." Not only are they lyrically brilliant, but their melodies are incredibly catchy.

Albums I'm Listening to Right Now - 2/5/11

Sara Bareilles - Kaleidescope Heart Maroon 5 - Hands All Over Cartel - Cycles Taylor Swift - Speak Now Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - The Dark Knight Film Soundtrack John Mayer - Battle Studies

I'm back!

After falling off the musical radar for a couple years, I'm back and making music again. Keep a lookout for new songs, live shows, and more info