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More progress

Wow Im not sure where all these listeners have come from! Maybe the featured artist spot I earned back in October is finally kicking in? Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback! I have deleted a track because I think it was pretty lame, as a beginner I made lots of mistakes! Ive progressed a lot since then so hope to have something new posted soon. Its harder than it looks but Im getting there!

Ro Cassada
Ro Cassada  (about 3 years ago)

You are AMAZING! I LOVE your voice! Keep at it, we are all rooting for you!

More tracks on the way

I know I only have one track to my name so far but I am busy working on more. I am currently working on a more dance/pop song with vocals inspired by David Guetta. Hope to have a good demo of this by the end of November

Making Progress!

Its been a while since my last entry, but I have been busy working on my music. I have now removed the demo songs from my site so now I currently only have one track. This now needs a little tweaking a mixing and mastering. I still have a lot to learn and as I do I will post more tracks soon

The Aspring Songwriter-my biggest mistake

I did want to go through all the things I have learned one by one but I think I should start with my biggest mistake. I didn't see the importance of listening to the music that's out there. I knew that when I immerse myself in music I get inspired, but I didn't want to listen to stuff because I would get overwhelmed by the slick production and get confused about how to do it. So I didn't think there was much point. The result: songs that range from pretty lame to being dated at best. I always knew that there was something wrong with them and that they didn't sound like everyone elses. I also knew it was due to production and from not listening to other songs. I am now learning to listen to songs carefully and deconstruct them into their components. Its hard sometimes when there are loads of layers. But actually, many songs are quite simple when broken down, but they have powerful, strong melodic hooks. I used to load up my tracks with layer upon layer of mediocre riffs, trying to make it sound more interesting. For the really complex sounding songs like Rihannas 'Where have you been' (The end of it) and Britneys 'till the world ends' I have discovered song kits on Primeloops. These are packs of sound loops which you can use to create a song. Admittedly it feels like bordering on cheating, and its not a path I want to stay on for long, but they are a great learning tool for seeing how certain genres are created. But even if you were to use an entire song kit and not programme a note of your own, you still need to talent to create a good song over the top-just as if you had a band in the studio who were playing the instruments instead of you. I was amazed to find that Rita Oras 'How we do' is just one guitar loops over and over and over again. Its not even a very diverse one in terms of chords but the melody works so well you don't even notice.

The Aspiring Songwriter

Unlike a lot of people on Reverbnation, I am still learning my craft. I know I have the talent, but this is not obvious from my current tracks. This is because it takes time and dedication to become great at what you do. Like any athlete, they may be born with the talent but they still need to train ion order to learn the skills so that talent can flourish and come to light. I have and still am learning many lessons along the way, and knowing that many songwriters are in my position, I want to share some of those lessons with you. Some of them may help and some may not, as we all work differently, but I hope I will be able to help others who want to get better at their game. Yesterday I wrote down all the lessons I have learned so far, and tomorrow I will talk about the first few. See you then