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And then there was Fargo...and then Elizabeth.

Word up everybody!

Have you ever driven to Fargo in a full seven-pasenger van with a trailer packed with instruments, sound gear, duffel bags and air mattresses in tow? Well we have!! That's right boys and girls, this past weekend we embarked on our first ever jouney to the great state of North Dakota. Although we didn't get too far into the state, we returned with new friends, new stories, and a new found love for the Bowling Alley/Arcade/Bar/Casino. Who knew?

Before we get into the details about the weekend we have to mention first that this was a very special trip for Shoeless because we brought along two brand new Shoeless horns. On the trumpet we invited Sten Johnson. That's right, Sten, not Stan, Johnson...now get it right or pay the price. With his lush golden locks and his mesmirizing bowling technique, not to mention his relaxed trumpet playing and his boyish good looks, Sten brought a new flavor to the show and to the entire weekend. He was joined by Will Nissen on the Tenor Saxophone. Now you may be asking yourself, "Will Nissen...How do I know that name?" Well, if your a music goer in the midwest, and seeing as you're looking at this blog you probably are, you have most likely heard of the slammin' quartet from the Twin Cities Down Lo. For the last five years Will has been touring with Down Lo across the country laying it down on the keys with the occasional sax solo, but with a little gap in the Down Lo schedule he agreed to join us for a stretch of shows in late winter. These two gentlemen will be added to the army of horns that are in training for the Summer/Fall Tour '09. Be on the lookout for schedule updates.

Our first destination for the weekend was The Nestor in Fargo, ND. Upon arriving we met the opening band Mystical Overtones, who helped us draw a local crowd that has been following them since their conception. This show was filled with a blend of dancefloor shenanigans and screaming...lots of screaming from our new #1 fan in North Dakota...you know who you are. We had a great time playing and will surely be returning to Fargo in the near future.

After a good night sleep at the Super 8, (you're welcome) we headed out for a Fargo feeding frenzy. After being shot down at our first two attempts we found the jackpot - Krolls Diner. To make a long story short, between the crew we were able to get, amongst other fine cuisine, a chili omelette, a chocolate-banana malt, and Beef Fleischkuechle with a side of Knoephla Soup. Shoeless Revolution prowdly endorses Krolls Diner.

After a hearty meal, we decided to bowl a few frames since we had a few hours to spare. What we thought was going to be just a bowling alley turned out to also be an arcade, a bar, and a casino all wrapped up in one. Needless to say we bowled a couple games, played a little Buck Hunter, Air Hockey, and Blackjack. One thing that I think we could all agree on is the entrancing quality of Sten's bowling technique. You'll have to experience it for yourself to truly understand what we're tlaking about.

On to Elizabeth, MN and The Sliver Dollar Saloon. When we pulled up and walked in, we doubled the attendance of the bar. As we started our first set there were roughly 20 people hanging around the bar, nowhere close to the dancefloor, but as the night went on more and more people came through the door and more and more people gravitated toward the stage. By the end of the night we had a nice group of dancers including some after midnight moves by some of the locals. I guess the funk just brings it out of people who live in town with a population of 172.

Thank you to everybody who helped make the weekend what it was, and thank you for tuning in to another addition of the Shoeless Revolution Blog Hour. Take care of yourself and enjoy the moment.