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I Go Get It - Garth Culti-Vader Feat Mistah F.A.B. & Dot Smith (Verse III)

I'm so sick with the sound that is now fucking with your ears/ You better get tested for hearing AIDS/ Huh/ Hip-Hop's going viral spitting in your faces to make sure you get it like I got it insisting my flow's contagious at this/ Terminally ill velocity/ Catch that I'm heir born like most princes// Rinsing out my/ Mothafucking mouth with the cleanest bars since soap in the box wont keep the four-one-fever from getting in your systems with symptoms of psychosis// In listening to your pulse quickening positioning your hand across your chest to this star spangled intermission threatening everybodys condition as it's listed in/ Critical the minute you're like oh shit/ IT'S FLO J. SIMPSON// Show a G love/ As I've yet to make a killing but expecting any second that I'll find you disrespecting me and get to cut a record that will get my ass arrested prosecuted and subjected to opinions to split you down the middle while protested and supported by my niggas 'til acquitted to be let inside the booth again/ Flooring you like rufalen when you begin to see what I will do to you/ Am I bullshitting???// Why so serious I'm curious to why you just appear as if you're furious when really you admire us/ Influenced by delirious consumers who are lining up to see what we've been doing in this sideshow business// Leaving clowns like I don't get it/ And I-I-I-I don't give a fuck if you got it now 'cause you will/ One way or another I GO GET IT!!!// GONE//