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The mind

The mind Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 10:47pm Young Saved & Successful Entry 3 Have you ever felt so pressured and burdened emotionally that you cant function? Well I've noticed lately that a single thought regardless of its nature (positive or negative) has the ability to hold you hostage and immobilize u. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy and it sounds so cliche when we say it but if you really analyze what it means youll recognize more. Its not that the enemy sometimes comes to steal kill and destroy but its indicative of the fact that his sole purpose when he comes, every time he comes is to steal kill and destroy. Secondly, if the enemy comes, u need to ask yourself what type of thief steals things that have no value or are meaningless to the owner??? Not one that I know or heard of. So if u missed it, when the enemy enters in hes coming to strip u of things that u value Im not talking about material things im referencing things that are not tangible but are yet priceless like peace of mind, a clear conscience, functional relationships with family, friends, and spouses. What things has the enemy been trying to steal kill or destroy in your life? Is he trying to kill your dreams, or maybe your joy or your gifts? Is he trying to destroy your walk with Christ? Lord knows hes trying his best to destroy mine. My next question is the one that we really need to ask ourselves.... What posture are we taking when the enemy comes in, are we being proactive against the attacks of the enemy, reactive or just easy targets?? No longer can we as a generation allow the enemy to strip us of the priceless things that we cherish. If you havent told him to take his hands off your stuff, your family and whatever he may have under attack in your life, then at this moment you are being identified as being just a target.. a punching bag. Fight back because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.. From this second forward the enemy has to take his hands off of anything concerning me.. My family, my relationship, my mind, my friends and anything else that I have claimed in the name of Jesus.... remember the power is in his name... I've done it publicly and my advice is for you to declare it for yourself right now.. Im signing off Young Saved And Successful. Til next time b blessed and go get your stuff back. Juss Dre

08' My Year?

08’ My Year? Young Saved & Successful Entry 2 If you are anything like me at the beginning of 2008, you ran rampant proclaiming that the upcoming year would be the one where the Lord publicly showed up and showed out in your life. I promise I felt that so deep in my spirit that it birthed an almost unethical confidence in what I figured the Lord would be doing on my behalf. Needless to say I was slightly disappointed when the Lord didn't exactly rain down a new job, a substantial raise or even that 745li i dreamed about... all I seemed to be getting was a crash course on how my life could fall apart in one fell swoop. I lost relationships, money, mental stability and some other things that at that time I considered irreplaceable. Now nearing the end of the year I look back noticing a few things, the first being that it went by reeeeaaalllllly quick although in the midst of each valley it felt like 2 days passed eternity. Secondly, the most interesting thing occurred just when I was about ready to throw in the towel. The Lord showed me that he had kept his word and had been doing it for the whole time even til this very hour as the time for this year winds down. The Lord never said that this would be a year of financial prosperity or of great strides economically. In fact The confirmation I felt in my spirit about 08 being "my year" had absolutely nothing to do with material things. I shouldve figured that out from the beginning but ehh..it happens.. Every valley experience I was being taken through was him doing exactly what he said he would. With every hurt every lost relationship every financial flop, he was stripping me, disciplining and putting a God sized mirror in front of me with a bullhorn saying Andre look at yourself. HE forced me to see me in a way like never before. Here the Lord was saying Im gonna show u some of the things hindering our relationship. Though it was/is one of the most painstaking processes I've ever had to experience, I am truly appreciative to the Lord for taking the time out to speak directly to some struggles and issues that have held me captive for so long. Not only was he gracious enough to expose them but he was great enough to show me how to be free from them. The Lord disciplines those who he loves and I tell ya he must love me unconditionally... Moral of the story? Well there are a couple... 1) God is in the biz of blessing, but he does things in decency and in order so its not likely he will abundantly bless a person who he hasnt first prepared for the blessing. 2) Gods discipline is a sign of his love 3) One of the most humbling experiences in life is turning the microscope you view the world through, on yourself. In closing its been said that if you ever want to make the Lord laugh, tell him your plans, apparently im hilarious. Til next time im ghost. B blessed and remember worship is a lifestyle. Signing off Young Saved and Successful. Juss Dre

His Love -Entry 1

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 12:46pm Young, Saved & Successful Entry 1- His Love When consulting the good Lord about what to write for this week’s blog, the main question I needed the answer to was “Lord what is it that you want people to know about you?” The impending response was simple and concise yet ambiguous in nature; he said to talk about his love. His love, wow, the follow up question was clear, Lord which facet of your love? Would he want me to share the type of love he shows when I am trying my hardest but still can’t live right, or maybe the type of love that at times came in the form of some extremely uncomfortable chastisement. Beginning the search through my mental archives for the perfect situational anecdote that would be able to portray how Christ is that above all extra official definition of the ever so elusive four letter phenomenon…Love. It’s time for a flashback, cue the twilight zone style theme music and zone out with me for a minute. The year…2003 a young man, actually I’ll retract that man statement because I was definitely a young boy. Like most of the young boys growing up these days, I was knee deep in an infatuation with money, sex, drugs and popularity and even worse I was a freshman in college which would ever so conveniently cater to every habit that I had yearned to please, and even helped to introduce some new ones that I would come to enjoy. Needless to say the lifestyle I was living didn’t exactly cultivate the foundation for a successful academic tenure and pretty soon I was receiving a more extensive education outside of class and in the street than I was in the classroom. Now I’m sure you’re getting the image of the oxymoron “college thug” which is clearly a hilarious concept, but that definitely wasn’t my style. I was actually doing ridiculously ignorant things (not just portraying the image) risking my life and freedom, with some brothers who were the complete opposite of what I should’ve been striving to be. My circle was filled with boastful criminal’s who’s walk, talk and action’s were lawless, and seem to unconsciously grant me the strength and free will to do the same, like a ghetto groupthink lol. I suppose it was a dark side parallel comparable to the light Nelson Mandela spoke of in his quote emphasizing how allowing our uninhibited light to shine should unconsciously give others permission to do the same. It’s kind of ill looking back on it now, especially since one person I know is under the jail on capital murder charges, and another was handed down 220 years during sentencing. I’ve got to say that it’s sort of cryptic to think about what my life could’ve been if the Lord didn’t have his loving hand on me. I can recall an instance where my right hand man was arrested an hour after I left him, and at that time was facing ten years over less than an ounce of marijuana. I don’t write these things to glorify the life style, I share them to put in perspective the intensity of the atmosphere that the Lord so graciously delivered me from virtually unscathed. Though I don’t have a clear understanding of why he saw fit to bring me out, or allowed me to rise above circumstances to graduate on time and become employed at the University I almost flunked out of. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience his loving kindness, and mercy first hand. I figured that the best way to show the Love of Christ is to share a tenth of what he’s done for me. My prayer for you is that you will experience this love first hand if you haven’t already. I’m Young Saved and Successful Signing off. Be blessed and remember worship is a lifestyle. Juss Dre