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A Little Rose, A Little Lizzie, Lotsa' Koriander

What better way to start off CMA Week 2012 in Nashville than with a triple show act. I had the pleasure of watching some of the following performers already in freestyle, acoustic form. Seeing them in a more conventional, performance-on-stage setting made it that much more versatile for their talent, but also more fun, obviously with full band backing.

The Listening Room Cafe was the "scene of the crime." This particular club, on the outskirts of the downtown club hub, is nice for a bigger show as it has more space than you originally think when first entering. The bar is huge, a gigantic square that greets you as soon as you enter. The room is L-shaped, with a nice long area of tables and seats smattered about. Because of the size of the bar you could easily cozy up on a bar stool and because of sitting higher up, still feel like you're right up close to the stage. I love this club setup! ................................................................. Koriander. What can I say? Nashville meets Detroit. The twang hits the jam. Koriander has created their own nook in the country world - they put funky jive into the mix. Tonja (Rose) changed during the Sider set, and was in decorated boots, evening performance dress and hair and make-up that was uptown and modern. Rose and front-stager Erin Ashleigh were a gorgeous duo, not only with harmony, but with appearance. Their unique jewelry was created and loaned by a new Franklin jewelry and crafts shop, CleverLeaf Goods (www.cleverleafgoods.com).

"Wrecking Ball," a funky-fun tune got us all rocking and moving from the beginning. A Carrie Underwood-style entry, "The Only Thing Wrong With Her .. Is Him," was a fightin', country-style, "take-him-down" tune. My Koriander fave, "Me & Jack Are Breaking Up" truly shows this band's style - country and blues with a funky upbeat. There were some covers - "The Train Song" and "You and I" (Lady Gaga) were fun, with softer, sweeter tunes intermingled. "Come and Get It" was a great ending, lots of fun, people were dancing, the afternoon was completely full of musical talent and frolic..... (Love the word "frolic," ha ha).

This performance was full of so much energy, more than any time I've seen them in the past. They have reached a point of pure jelled-sound. Rose added to the vocals to give great singer Ashleigh a great harmonious addition. The two girls had fun and played off of each other famously. This is a great duet! The band, each and every member, mastered their instruments. Leader EJ Ford is a true showman, with great key work while dancing and feeling every beat out with his movements.

Koriander has arrived! (blog by Karen Kozy, http://www.musiccityatnight.blogspot.com/2012/06/little-rose-little-lizzie-lotsa.html)