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The songs of 2017

So the CD got mired in delays during mastering, due to circumstances beyond my control. In an attempt to still get the music out there, my goal for 2017 is to release one single each month (until the whole album is finally done!).

The list, so far, includes: January - One Tree Hill (a cover of the U2 song from the Joshua Tree. A fun coincidence is that I released the song on my birthday (Jan 10), and that happened to also be the day U2 announced their current Joshua Tree anniversary tour! Love that :) ) February - Take My Hand (a piano/vocal/cello ballad, and an original updated from 1994) March - Velvet Skin (the chorus to this had been haunting me for years. Finally, in 2011, the rest of the song presented itself. It's a piano/vocal w rhythm section, about wishing things could be the way that they were.) April - This was a busy month, so April's release got pushed to May (maybe I'll do two in May?) May - Cold Rain (out May 10). Piano/vocal w rhythm section (and some natural rain effects). An ode to cabin fever, during a really rainy October in Pittsburgh.

Check back for the next release - enjoy!

CD release & summer performances!

I'm in the final stages of mixing the 14 songs for my upcoming debut album - 'Dreams Resurfaced!' Planning for a summer release date (details TBA)... Join my mailing list for a chance to win a free copy of the CD! In other news, check my show listings for details about upcoming performances - some at unusual places! Hope to see you there :)

A body in motion...

After a longer-than-expected break, I'm back in pre-production mode! Added a couple of rough drafts that will eventually find their way to the CD... which will eventually find its way to production... Enjoy!

The first song of 2014

Posted a rough draft (piano/vocal iPhone recording) of a new song... Inspired by the fact that, even though some of my biggest heroes work for good on a world-wide scale, those day-by-day encounters we each have with random people can be just as impactful (sometimes moreso)... It's the first new Juli song of 2014! Enjoy! Hope to have a more complete demo soon...

Also hope to re-boot the recording process on the CD (sidelined by multiple distractions since summer... school starting... kid birthdays... holidays... etc... Ah, the life of the part-time musician/full-time mom! )


I got the idea for this song after I totally tanked the end of one of my originals at a local open mic. Got me thinking of how a song keeps us sort of suspended in midair, like those ribbon dancers, and as long as the music's playing, we're all still holding our breath, connected in the moment... and that night I could feel that ribbon crash to the ground at the end of the song I wrecked. Then, I started thinking of all of the other moments in life where we wish we could stay suspended there... perfect glances at our children playing... or our final moments with a loved one after many years together... holding onto these moments... Fragments of the song started haunting me on the way home from open mic that night, and a few days later, it was done... Slow & contemplative, a series of life-vignettes... I posted it here as a rough draft...

Recording is on!

1st session for the debut CD is done! Tracked bass & drums to go along with keyboard & vocals. Have 5 songs in, planning to add another 5-6 by year's end. After layering in some guitar here & there, I'll mix the tracks at home before sending them to someone more qualified for mastering. Exciting stuff!


This isn’t the song I intended to write for my baby cousin. I missed her mommy’s baby shower, so the plan was to record a CD of lullabies for baby Adelyn to listen to instead of a typical card (Addie was waiting for heart surgery and wasn’t supposed to get excited, I thought lullabies would be calming). But, my own life got in the way, and I procrastinated, and Adelyn’s surgery happened & had gone well… she was recovering at home… maybe the lullabies could be a present later in the year? But then, she was gone… And since then, these lyrics and this song haven’t left my mind… keeping me up at night… and finally a rough draft was recorded last week… the positive response from her family, and others who had followed her story, was overwhelming to me... having touched so many hearts... having connected in such a way to their memories of her... overwhelming, and an honor to be a part of something like that... 'Adelyn,' a song in memory of her short, but impactful life, is a free download...

Forward motion...

I followed my parents' 'backup plan' by going to college & becoming a music teacher (MS/HS choirs, elementary vocal music). As much as I grew to love teaching (I still teach Kindermusik right now, actually!), my dreams were always more performance-related (at 13, the goal was to open for Van Halen *haha!*).

After a decade or so of not writing anything at all, and after decades of performing in choirs and as a classical soprano soloist at university/community events, I rediscovered my former self & the singer-songwriter within after recovering from some brain surgery in 2009 (no, really... Cleveland Clinic rocks, btw).

I've spent the last few years learning about recording techniques (Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH, also rocks), and re-gaining my confidence as a songwriter & as a keyboard-player. The goals are to play out more, and to have a CD finished in the next year.

To quote a famous Irish lyricist: 'uncertainty can be a guiding light' and 'i'm ready for what's next' ...