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New album in the works!


It's been a while since our last blog entry as we enjoy playing more than blogging but I just wanted to give you an update that we are in the early stages of working on a follow up to last year's "Esoteric". We have a long list of songs, some you may know and some you surely do not, to select from. Stay tuned for updates and check out our selection of videos to tide you over until we finish this next project!


~Alex Siniari

Live recordings and live studio recordings

Greetings, If you can't tell, we've been busy lately. Within the last month we've done some studio recording as a duo and live gigging with drummer Jeremy Senior in addition to our regular routine of practice and performance. Jeff and I have been writing on various instruments and expanding the avenues through which new material is introduced into the band. What this all means to you is new music to listen to. We are slowly leaking the tracks that we recorded in September 2013 with Producer/Musician Suzzanna Mallow (of Red Letter Day) at AMI Seagull Studio at Salisbury State University in Salisbury, MD. and will also slowly introduce brand new songs into the live sets. We are also adding steady gigs at new venues to our calendar and are very excited to post our entire show from 9.28.2013 (second set features Jeremy Senior on drums) that was performed at The Avenue in Egg Harbor City. If you're looking for fantastic ambiance and a top notch experience absolutely visit The Avenue for a craft beer or whisky and enjoy some of the excellent food. We hope the set is on par with the menu and that the studio recordings warm your soul like a neat glass of bourbon. Check back for another blog post soon and dig that live sound. Cheers ~Alex Siniari

Link to 9.28.2013: www.soundcloud.com/argoband