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How Jp became a guitarist Episode 1

When I first started, I played the trumpet in the school band, this is circa about 1980 and I loved playing the trumpet. I wanted to be Dizzie Gillepsie or even Chuck Mangione. I learned to play by ear because it sounded better to me than playing by notes.

Mrs. Krieger was my elementary music teacher and she was tough, but she instilled a love for music within me to this day.

I had an old acoustic when I was very young. (age 7) And Uncle Pecos on Tom & Jerry was the inspiration for that. My brothers and I built play guitars out of 1x4s and two bucket lids and fishing wire (having no idea about that at all)

Fast forward to 1982 more of my friends were getting guitars etc. Around 8th/9th grade all my friends were getting guitars and drums etc. I thought I wanted to play the keyboards, so I bought an old rhodes piano, but alas the guitar was what I wanted.

We went on vacation the summer between my 8th and 9th grade or maybe it was 9th and 10th grade year. We took a car ride all the way to Bangor Maine, to visit friends of the family. Now this was a ride with our parents, me my three brothers and my little sister, in a station wagon, with no air conditioning. It was a joyous occasion for sure.

My dad gave each of us $20.00 for working all summer bailing hay for the vacation. I dont' think we made past Bluegrass Iowa and my brothers had all their money spent on stuff they found in the truckstop. I held on to mine until we reached our destination by way of New York City. (that's pretty tough for a kid to hold onto 20.00)

After we reached our destination within a day or so we are at the home of friends of my parents Bill & Barb Harris. It was a great day out and an older boy (about 17/18) I was about 15/16 at the time asked my Dad if I could come and hang out with him over at his house. I dont' even remember his name to this date... He played guitar! and I mean he played guitar, he ran through some Joe Walsh and some Kiss Tunes, wow, for me that was awesome. He had this old guitar sitting in the corner, and I said "What's up with that guitar" He said, "I want to sell it" I said, "How much?" He said, "Twenty Dollars" JUST MY LUCK!, I had exactly $20.00 in my pocket that no one knew I still had. So I gave him the $20.00 and proudly brought this beat-up old mustang copy of a guitar home with two strings on it...

So here I come up in Bill and Barb's house with a guitar I didn't know how to play let alone know about strings etc. My dad was like "what a waste of money" My mom in her usual quiet fashion just kind smiled.

I proceeded to bang on this guitar with two strings for the entire ride home, I slept with etc. When I got back home it was about a month before school started. I did some more chores and lucky for me down in Centerville, Iowa about 11 miles away was a store that happened to have a set of GHS Boomers in it. now these were nothing great, but I was able to put them on this guitar. Next I didn't know at all how to tune it or anything.

Want to know what happens next? stay tuned for something in the future...

I will be doing block entries every now and then sharing my experiences as musician. as always check out the website

http://www.johnpauljonesgroup.com http://www.facebook.com/johnpauljonesgroup


Well its official 6 days until our next show. August 4th, I pulled an ALL NIGHTER in the studio hooking up the X32 Rack to the X32 Core formatting the Recording laptop, Getting templates made and software installed, using MIXCRAFT 8 as my main software.

My fostex D2424LV is my REDUNDANT recorder. Needless to say, We were able to record 2-track on both the Rack and the Core, Multi-Track on both Computer and the Fostex D2424LV

The only facet of my system I am having any issues with is getting a good sound out of the Galaxy AS900 IN-Ear Monitor system and I never had any problems with it previous.

Sounds like RF Interference and Gain Structure issues hopefully my buddy Brian Hearity can come over and help me set it up.

I really dont' want to use floor monitors anymore, but it may end up being that anyway.

So I may have some demo CLIPPITS for you in the future


Heather Dawn Jones for being our Band Nanny taking care of Spencer our Bass Players son so we can rehearse and record, honey you are the best.

Sally Henry, for being patient with me for the past two years, while I built this studio, little sister you are the cornerstone of this band.

Johnny Dragon you have also been a patient one with me the man with the plan. Thank you for your contributions to this group.

Tom Blew, I have wanted to play in a band with you since I was a little kid, and saw you play, in bands with your family. I am honored you agreed to play with me, even if I smooth out the odd times

Dave Orman, Thanks for agreeing to play as well, we are going to make a great guitar/keys team. Hopefully your retirement from working for a living will come soon.

John Jones III, without your help with the Electrical and Engineering business, I couldn't do both, I appreciate everything you do.

Drew-Shawn Jones, thanks for mowing the yard landscaping and helping run the Pool & Billiard Business, your help allows me to follow my musical path.

And last but not least thank you to anyone along the way who has been a positive influence on my life and those who are ready to help celebrate music with us.

2017 July Happenings

We are pleased to announce that the John-Paul Jones Group has a new rehearsal/recording studio called The Studio Hut Our copper topped studio is complete with a live room, break room, control room drum room and vocal isolation booth. It will be the permanent home for all things John-Paul Jones Group.

We have also said good bye over the past two years to some members. and now we are proud to introduce the 2017 John-Paul Jones Group Guitar/Vocals - Jp Jones Vocals/Harmonica/Percussion - Johnny Dragon Bass Guitar - Sally Henry Drums - Tom Blew Keyboards - Dave Orman

" It has been a LONG-TIME coming but its hard to believe that I FINALLY have TOM BLEW and SALLY HENRY in my band. I can remember when Sally was 16 years old and I saw her wailing on the bass in an all girl band down at the Central Park in Ottumwa, and I thought to myself, "one day I will play in a band with her" and I remember watching Tom Blew play music in Ottumwa events when I was young and although I asked him a few times, we could never get aligned, now we are its going to be great having such a strong rhythm section.

Dave Orman is a long-time musician with a lot of talent I have known for years. and he agreed to take over where Ron Freed left off. And last but not least, what can I say, Johnny Dragon and I have been friends and neighbors for 12 years and our love of the music has grown into a friendship and music partnership that will last for many years.

I am telling you, the John-Paul Jones Group has the strongest line-up it has had in years and we are having FUN!!!

I have to shout out and thank my family for putting up with my music journey, my mother, father (RIP), and siblings for listening while I practiced over and over.

My children for all the playing of music I did and practicing, many times late nights and missed ball games.

Its all come together now." Jp

UPCOMING PERFORMANCES: August 4th, Blessings Soup Kitchen Foundation Fund Raiser

August 25th Blessing Soup Kitchen Foundation Fund Raiser Revisited.

September 2nd, 2017 Avenue of the Saints - Iowa Stock Festival

MERCHANDISE COMING T-Shirts Coozie Bracelets Bandana Jackets


For more information call AFM Entertainment - 800.463.6333 x 238 H&J Entertainment - 515-462-0455 booking@johnpauljonesgroup.com http://www.johnpauljonesgroup.com

have a great month see you back here in September.

2015 Summer Blog

It's been a great summer, we were able to record our videos and upgraded our PA system and lights, with more upgrades to come.

I am currently building a new recording/rehearsal studio for the band, and its going to be great to open up the new studio built from scratch.

We will also in 2015 be going into said studio to record tracks for a new album of songs written by Jp & Johnny, going to be a great year,

Look for more from us in a couple months.

New look...

As you can see the new promo items have been awesome the photographs are excellent...

New Mobile App

We have a new mobile App. get it here http://www.reverbnation.com/johnpauljonesgroup/android

2014 New Year, New Beginnings, Same Convictions

The John-Paul Jones Group is my project.life goal, I would like to announce that Heather D. Hartman will be taking over as general manager for the group handling all administrative duties for booking and the like for the band.

I have some new musicians who have signed up to play with me this year,

Ron Freed - Keyboards with over 35 years experience.

Carl Thundman - over 30 years playing drums of all styles.

Fred Koogler - over 40 years experience playing bass.

and a very special guest...

Mr. Johnny Dragon will be helping out at select shows on vocals.

I am very excited in two weeks we go into the studio to start pre-production to recording an album. for 2014,