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2015 Summer Blog

It's been a great summer, we were able to record our videos and upgraded our PA system and lights, with more upgrades to come.

I am currently building a new recording/rehearsal studio for the band, and its going to be great to open up the new studio built from scratch.

We will also in 2015 be going into said studio to record tracks for a new album of songs written by Jp & Johnny, going to be a great year,

Look for more from us in a couple months.

New look...

As you can see the new promo items have been awesome the photographs are excellent...

New Mobile App

We have a new mobile App. get it here http://www.reverbnation.com/johnpauljonesgroup/android

2014 New Year, New Beginnings, Same Convictions

The John-Paul Jones Group is my project.life goal, I would like to announce that Heather D. Hartman will be taking over as general manager for the group handling all administrative duties for booking and the like for the band.

I have some new musicians who have signed up to play with me this year,

Ron Freed - Keyboards with over 35 years experience.

Carl Thundman - over 30 years playing drums of all styles.

Fred Koogler - over 40 years experience playing bass.

and a very special guest...

Mr. Johnny Dragon will be helping out at select shows on vocals.

I am very excited in two weeks we go into the studio to start pre-production to recording an album. for 2014,