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FINALLY Here......

Long Awaited FIYAWATA Music check out our playlist.

1nce again its on!

What it do familamses (yes I invent words with ease when sleepy) Your favorite royal duo (soon to be a royal flush(new full band coming soon) is taking a break once more from our performance sabbatical to do not 1 but 2 worth while gigs, guaranteed to be blazerific.

The First is this Wednesday August 15, 2007 (aka tomorrow) @

Vibes & Scribes at Velvet 3411 MacArthur @ 35th St in the town alongside our potna Akosua (http://www.waterwomanworks.com)

Doors open @ 8pm Showtime @ 9pm. We go on sometime before the joint is over, just come and show your love and support.

Vibes&Scribes is a space every Wednesday for Womyn and their Allies to mingle and build and elevate Hip Hop Culture. Join local writers, poets, artists, chefs, trendsetters, and tastemakers for an evening of soulful vibes, art, food, and music.

Our Secong GiG is at the Legendary BLACK AUGUST showcase on August 17, 2007

This year's BA is at the Humanist Hall in Oakland

390 27th St @ Broadway, Oaktowm 357 from 12pm to 12am. we go sometime in the evening, but in light of the SF8 needing to be free be there all day

This will be our second time at this epic event and we'll be rockin with: Ise Lyfe, Naru, Nappy Toungues and more........

The Black August Organizing Committee is a community-based organization, which has been in existence for 25 years. Our goal include: Working to free Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War and Prisoners of Conscious, many of whom have been locked away for 10,20, 30 and 40 years with no end in sight. Working to shut down the sensory deprivation torture chambers known publicly as Security Housing Units or (SHU) programs. Working to maintain a community awareness of and involvement in the legal, medical and social issues affecting prisoners in general and politically conscious prisoners in particular. Working to provide alternatives for our youth in the streets to being caught up in the prison industrial complex.

This Is A Journey Into Sound Coming Soon......... We definitely look forward to seeing you ALL there.

Love, Peace, Unity and Prosperity


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