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It's on in 2010!!

Hey Everyone! I was just sitting around having a beer in my underwear and watching a re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond when I realized that we haven’t updated our blog in some time!!!! So, I just put the T.V on mute, popped another cold one and here we go!

SMD had a nice ending of the year show at The Middle East Upstairs on Dec 7th, 2009. It was last minute show so thanks to all who came out and supported us that evening. We always enjoy playing The Middle East and are looking forward to gracing their stage again real soon!

Then came 2010!! The year of accomplishment! Well, at least for us. We started the year off by writing two new songs, including the first SMD song written by guitarist Kevin O’Shaughnessy. Both songs premiered on our January 29th show at The Down Under Pub at Copperfield’s in Boston to a SOLD OUT HOUSE!!! They were both received very well. Thanks to everyone that came to that show, especially because it was DAMN COLD OUTSIDE THAT NIGHT!!! That was also Tommy’s B-Day show, so for all of you who missed it you missed a hell of a good time! But, never fear. We’re still here and will be playing many more shows this year with plenty of new material, so keep checking in.

Now it is mid Febuary and we are back into the studio writing more new music. We are currently working on two more new songs to be played at our next show, T.B.A. (Probably late March or early April.) Other irons in the fire include new band pictures, new CD with a pre-release this summer, new web-site, revamping our myspace page and, on the back burner, there is talk of a possible end of summer tour! OOOOH!!! But, please, one thing at a time! Or maybe two. Well, you can see that we are going to be quite busy this year and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Well, that’s a pretty good catch up for now. Again, keep checking in for show updates, web updates and information on our next CD release, coming soon!

O.K. Mute button off, beer in hand...now, were was I...

It was all good!

Hey everybody!!

We had a great time playing our first show at Precinct in Union Square! Thanks to McAlister Drive for inviting us to play with them on such a fun night and with such a great line up of bands! This show was a ton of fun! For all you loyal SMD fans that came we salute you!! Ah Yeah!!

So, here's the deal. We said a few months back and now it' real. Next week SMD begins recording our second studio project and I can't express how stoked we are to do so!! There will be a few songs you've heard live in the last year and also a few no one has heard. So stay tuned for more to come.

Our next show is one of our first show to venture away from Boston. We will be at FUSION 5 in FOXBORO MA Thursday OCT 8TH!! For all you SMD fans in the Foxboro area...HEADS UP!! Here we come. We can't wait to see you there!

Lots of stuff on our plate in next 6 months, including a possible tour of the Mid West!! We'll kep ya posted!

Until then... Brent, Tom, Bill and Kevin

Really ready to Rock and...ROLL!!!

Hey Everyone! Let's start out by saying thanks to all of you that got the chance to come out and rock with us at Felt last Thursday night!! It was awesome and we had some great feed back from ya'll. If you haven't seen the live video that one of our fans shot with her digital camera from this show, click the link at the bottom of this page! So, now it's time for SMD to get a bit of biz done in the coming months and we want you to know about it. So, what are up to for the rest of July, August and part of Sept? First off we have to announce that Bill Anderson, drummer for SMD is GETTIN HITCHED!!!! Congrats Bill! You picked a winner with Kelly. Bill and his finance, Kelly Murphy, will tie the knot on Saturday, August 22nd. Here's to an awesome wedding and a great start to an incredibly long life together. You both rock! But, before Mr. Bill takes off to his wedding and honeymoon bliss, SMD is going to start recording our next EP, due out no later than Novemeber of this year. That's right! It will be a six song EP and it will be a bit more edgy of a recording than our first album. We are really looking forward to starting this project together and can't wait to let you guys hear it!! Keep posted to this page and our other sites for more updates. But that's not all!! SMD will be taking new band photos in the next month and they should appearing on this site and our other sites as well by mid September!! So, keep checkin in on that as well!! But wait!! WE STILL AREN'T FINISHED!! SMD will be revamping their current band webpage, www.slowmotiondriver.com, in the next few months. We will let cha know when it is all finished so you can check that out as well. Basically...keep checkin' in on us from time to time!! New stuff is a comin'!!!! So, why all the biz stuff? Well, now that SMD FINALLY has four commited members, we really want to start making things spin for us and for everyone that digs us. We want to play out more, create more, leave Boston and come to your local establishments in your hometowns!! We want to be a hard workin' and fun lovin' rock band! But, before we can do that we need to get these few things up and rolling so that our music, image and media represent what SMD has become and where we are today. If you haven't been to one of our shows in awhile then you may not realize just how much we've changed, for the betta!! And guess what?? We are going to keep getting better and you can't stop us!!! Don't worry. We know you won't even try. Why stop awesome rock and roll?? That's enough for now. Make sure to check out the video from last weeks show on utube. Either go to our last blog, or click on the link below. Be seein' ya'll in September!! Brent, Tom, Bill and Kevin

Great show at TT's. Gearing up for FELT...

For all the loyal SMD fans that made it out to the show on June 6th at TT the Bear's you will have to agree that what you heard that night was like nothing you have ever heard from us before! Much thanks has to be directed to our newest member, Kevin O'Shaughnessy. Kevin's contribution to SMD so far has been out of this world! New guitars, new background vocals, new energy on stage, without a doubt means that Kevin is the perfect fit for the band!! If you didn't make it out to the show at TT's never fear! We have a show coming up on JULY 9TH at FELT in downtown Boston. Check out SHOWS on this page for more details!! We will be bringing back a few oldies, but goodies, to this show and of course with a new twist!! We can't wait till you guys hear them. It's gonna be really rock and roll!!! See you on the 9th! SMD

Hey! We have a new guitarist!!

Hey everyone! We have an exciting announcement to make about SMD! We finally have a FULL TIME GUITARIST for the band and he is awesome! His name is KEVIN O'SHUAGHNESSY and we think, when you get the opportunity to hear him, you'll agree that he is as perfect of fit as we could have ever asked for with the band! Thanks again to BRIAN JOYCE for sitting in for us for the past 5 months. Brian rocks as well and we'll miss him and his creative influences. We will be posting Kevin's bio and picture as our new guitarist on our myspace and web-site in the next week. So, what does this mean?? Well, now we have four dedicated musicians that are willing to put in the extra time required to finally get this project OFF THE GROUND!!! (It's about damn time!!!) We are taking the next month off for some serious intensive rehearsal time to get Kevin up to speed on all of our current and new tunes. We should be up and running for shows by mid May! (YES!!) So, STAY POSTED and keep checking in. Shows will be added soon! Keep rockin kids! SMD

Bill's Bar show on the horizon!

Hello to everyone! So last week we had a really fun show at the music club Church here in Boston. Unfortunately the weather gods were not with us and so most of you decided to stay home. Hey, we don't blame you. It was really a horrible, cold and wet night. However, to the few of you that did attend our SNOW SHOW, I hope had as an incredible night, because we did! Needless to say, THAT SHOW KICKED ASS!!! All three band SMD, Gold Star Morning and, driving in all the way from the Cape, The Commonwealth, (you fellas rock!) well, there's no other way to say it...we absolutely ripped up the evening!! Then, after all was said and done, we all got drunk together ta boot!!! So, for the other two bands, hats off! You guys kick serious butt. And for all the few attendees, thanks you SO MUCH FOR YOUR UNWAVERING SUPPORT!!!!!!!!! On to new stuff!! For everyone who hasn't, or even has been to an SMD show lately, our next show is an absolute must! On MARCH 14TH we will make our first appearance at BILL'S BAR on Lansdowne Street in Boston and it's going to be an absolutely, not even pullin' your lil' chains, off the wall evening. We are playing with two incredible bands. We'll open the show, then we'll be followed by Val Emmich out of NYC and the night will end with one of Boston's best known pop rock bands, McAlister Drive!! (If you watch the show Ugly Betty on ABC then you may already know Val Emmich. He is currently Betty's next door neighbor and love interest! Woo hoo!) This show is scheduled to...SELL OUT...at least 2 weeks before the show date. So GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! Where? The best place and most affordable is from an SMD band member (that being Brent, Bill, Tom or Brian). You can reach us here or at our myspace or email us at SLOWMOTOINDRIVER@COMCAST.NET. Do it now! Trust us. This show is going to be sick! That's all for now. Can't wait to See you on March 14th at Bill's Bar! SMD....

Come see The Rock Revival, jan 28th at CHURCH in Boston!!!

Yes, we have a our first show of 2009 on WEDNESDAY JAN 28TH at CHURCH in Boston, MA. (Check out our shows page for more details.) We will be appearing with two awesome friends of ours. The show will open with Boston's very own COMMONWEALTH!! This rock trio will no doubt impress. Then yours truly, SMD, takes the stage. The night ends with the pop rock fanatics GOLD STAR MORNING!! This is going to be an awesome night of Rock music that you are not going to want to miss!!! Put it on your calendars now and we'll see you there!!

Middle East show added!!

hey everyone! just letting you know that there has been an addition to our schedule! we will be Upstairs at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA on Dec. 17th. SMD is on at 9:30 pm. don't miss out! this will be the last shows of the year and one of the last times to see Brian Joyce with the band! (HE ROCKS!!)

come one come all!!


Getting handle on this.

Everyday we get a little more connection to Reverbnation. Check in every couple of days for updates on songs, shows, videos and pics!!! SMD


Hey everyone and anyone. So we just started this page tonight and you must bare with us. We will be adding much more in the next week. STAY POSTED!! Reverb Nation Rocks!