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Q: What is the purpose of music in the world?

A: Connection. It's literally a language that everyone speaks, because it's about feeling. Music is probably the most powerful force on earth at this point. Not everyone plays it, but I don't know anyone who doesn't like some kind of music. Music is controlling our senses, it's basically harnessing sound.

Q: Tell me about your songwriting process

A: I write the music first. Sometimes you're just messing around on the instrument and all of a sudden there's this opening that you didn't see before, and it literally comes to you. When I write a song and complete it, I don't have to put much effort in. Because of that I don't feel like I should get credit for the songs that I write. I feel like I'm more of a messenger than a creator.

New Album

Skylar's fourth album, "Searchlight" was released in May 2013. This album includes seven original songs on piano and guitar.