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The Hottest Thing Walking

Timeless music is something everyone can enjoy but everyone can’t create. Born in Nashville, TN as Brandon Howard and known in the industry as "Be Howard" this artist has grown into the mold of that type of creator to be able to deliver music that isn’t dated. His lyrical flow, delivery & ambition are a force to reckon with. Growing up basketball was his initial love until his pen touched the pad. He started recording a few verses and realized he had a gift of connecting words while also being able to pick the right sound for his lyrics to be painted on. Known for his signature attention grabbing voice that the streets have loved and embraced, he is at it again working on new projects to deliver to the world. Success is a journey, not a destination…Over the past few years “Be Howard” has released three projects and soon to release a new Album that is sure to keep your head bobbing and get you out your seat. Stay tuned because this won’t be the last you will hear of “Be Howard”. This artist always delivers and you will now be able to witness stage grabbing performances that will not lose your attention. He is fully determined to become successful and will continue to provide nothing but great music for the people worldwide to relate too and enjoy.