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CD Review for , 'Feel Like I Belong'

Steve Skinner’s latest cd “Feel Like I Belong” is a testament to his incredible talent as a muso. Steve certainly “belongs” & this is a fact not a feeling. What a fabulous mix of songs on this cd. I loved them all. Steve puts his heart & soul into his music with his mellow voice & meaningful words. This cd is the complete package by someone who knows what he’s doing. Everyone who appreciates the very best in life should get a copy, sit back & get transported into Steve’s special world. I highly recommend “Feel Like I Belong”. Congratulations Steve, you’re a fantastic musician. What else can I say but “SKINNER THE WINNER”.

Wendy Rudin Music Reviewer




Hi everyone, Here's a list of the musicians who joined this adventure with me. Their playing was awesome, thankyou everyone...Steve ; Guitar,Vocal Elo Rolandsen; Bass Phill Yates; Lead Guitar David Tracy; Lead Guitar Michael Fox; Keys,All Horns,Backing Vocals Michael Thopmpson; Drums Jerry As; Drums Randall Harrison Tansell; Percussion Garry Haddad; Slide Guitar,Mandolin Eugene Harpsnake; Harp Falnui Clack, Megan Savea; Backing Vocals And the voices of; Allan Lahey,Jason Butler,Sue Dunn,Elo Rolandsen,Randall Harrison Tansell,Steve Skinner,making yahoo's grunts and other noises!(Mainly Jason..Amen),On the track "Mad Dogs And Poms". Phil Butler;Cover artwork and photography And a huge thankyou to the man who does the engineering, and other stuff...Mr Taramalin Sound himself, Allan Lahey Thanks again to all. Steve


Hi everyone, Just letting you all know that the latest SKINNER CD is available NOW at: http://rigpig.mooball.net/shop/cart.php There's some great muso's playing with me, to be named shortly. Please enjoy the CD, Steve


Hi, I'd like to metion all the fine Muso's who gave their time and talent for these recordings. All songs written by me except; One, Too Many People, A Universe Away. These were co-written with Christiana Skinner. Red Wine And Blues; Bass, Steve Barry. Lead Guitar; Don Wands. Backing Vocal and Keys, Chris Skinner. King Tree; Bass,Chris Pender. Lead Guitar, Adam Chambers. Flute, Julie Pender. Something Tonight; Bass, Adam Chambers. Lead Guitar, Tony Troughton. Scorpion Blues; Bass, Adam Chambers Feeling Dinosaur; Bass, Adam Chambers. The Fool; Bass, Doug Balmano.Percusion, Hugh McClelland. Flute,Johnny Allen. Loving You; Bass, Adam Chambers. Carinet, Russel Sullivan. Backing Vocal, Chris Skinner. Sometimes Love Grows; Bass, Adam Chambers Red Hot; Bass, Adam Chambers. Lead Guitar, Tony Troughton A Universe Away; Bass Adam Chambers. Lead Guitar, Don Wands. What Are You Doing Now; Adam Chambers, Bass. Chriss Hall, Fingerpicking Guitar After Dinner Blues;Bass and Lead Guitar, Adam Chambers Backing Vocals, Chris Skinner Too Many People; Just me One; Lead Guitar, Shawn Markham,aka (Leviathan Von Hess) Backing Vocal, Chris Skinner.