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Mama Luv

She carry we fi 9 months strong inna dis beautiful land give us the finest of life include good education. mama neva dash yuh weh , no she neva give yuh weh, so why yuh waah fi diss yuh mama luv yuh need fi show yuh mama Mama is like no other she yuh kno yuh affi honor She a queen a yuh life yuh kno di crown she well deserve Mama it is official Mi kno di luv will calm yuh nerve Caah yuh kno yuh raise we gud So di luv we a return Yeah di luv we a return By JayBankz SAS Productions

A Promise

A Promise is denoted the confirmation of ones words to another. Not everyone who say they promise you ever keep their words. Old folks always say a promise is a comfort to a fool, but in reality i promise is your bond so keep it. If you will not be able to stand true to your words in any situation never use the promise card because you will be looked on as a liar. So stay true and be honest with yourself and the respect will reign.


Give thanks for the little which you have because that is your blessings. We have a lot to give thanks for the mere fact we were able to face the new day a breathe fresh air, life is a blessing in itself. A lot of persons were not privilege to see the new day,so be grateful u got that gift

Music is Life

what is the world without oxygen? life would nonexistent, that is saying this world without music is catastrophic. Music and the sounds of the instruments soothes our mind emotionally and helps to relieve stress. Music saves more life than doctors each year. So I'm encouraging all Fans to keep on supporting my music and music on a whole.

trials of life

In life you meet up on different situations each of which have their drawbacks but it is what you make of it. Life is filled with hurdles so be prepared to jumped the hurdles when they are in your way. If you do not planning on jumping the hurdles then prepare to be stuck at that point. In conclusion never give up in life at your goals or dreams just keep on jumping those hurdles you will see the finish line. yours Truly STAR STATUS SAS


The word LOYALTY no longer exist in the vocabulary of many rather HATE or BADMIND becomes profound. the word LOYALTY is on the back burner while HATE is on the front page getting more likes and attention. Mankind have become savages and have no care for fellow human beings. We need to get old school and revitalize the word LOYALTY and embrace it to our friends. Take away the negativity of HATRED and love our brothers as ourselves. Yours Truels SAS


what is the definition of dream? I asked myself. It all begin from a mere thought which becomes an idea. This idea is then manifested and now becomes a goal. We then work to achieve this goal which is a dream of ours and finally we accomplish success. DREAM THOUGHT IDEA GOAL SUCCESS. In the end your Success is just a Dream which has now become a reality. STAR STATUS SAS


Success to some is a measure of the material things that they have acquire throughout their course of life. Well to them that is success. In my view success is merely the goals one set throughout life and work diligently to achieve them. In midst of success as long as innocent persons are not being taken for granted or demoralized it is ok. So today looked back on Your life and see if u have up keep these few rules on ur journey to ur success


She Seh Rain Sunshine or Snow she still waah mi fi come ova SAS madd sitten Check out "Come Ova" by IAmJayBankz - http://www.reverbnation.com/iamjaybankz/song/17031897-come-ova


In life we come across many obstacles some of which makes us stronger and some which impact us for life. But throughout this journey one must never give up eachexperience shape us for the big event. That is the success one gains after fighting the battle being battered and mistreated. Lets give thanks for life it is speacial live it daily doing your best each day with that also have no regrets. Their is only one shot at life so get it right while u can,