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Aiight, since I was doing tracks way to fast and to many in one day I stopped and gave myself a break for awhile but I will be doing it again now and recording new stuff for all of you to hear so stay tune... Thanks!


Filming Of Tha Haunted Project "Tha First Visit On Location" (Day One)

Filming Of Tha Haunted Project "Tha First Visit On Location" (Day One)

Our newest track will be getting finished in a week or so and released to everyone in a exclusive music video we are currently about to start filming. Tha location we picked for tha video is a special landmark to those who know place and tha stories of murder, rape and tha continued hauntings that still occur several decades after it's closing. This seemed like tha most perfect spot to reveal our newest horror edition single to tha masses.

Day One

"Tha First Visit"

We made it to tha location after along walk that took to damn long and right before we even enter tha place there is a woman dressed in all black standing in tha doorway under tha archs, I motioned to a "Friend" that there is someone standing infront of us nomore than 20ft away. He looks but sees nothing at all when I could clearly see her, after I see her walk inside we follow behind but before entering I first chant enchantions of protection and letting tha enity know we are only here to observe and nothing more. Once inside we hear someone upstairs walking we both think it is just other visitors come to check out tha place also so we decided to scared tha shyt out of them. Haha!

We walk very quietly up tha stairs which is completety covered in water from tha rain as we get to tha top of tha steps my "Friend" whispers "Get back! Here they come." so I move beside him next to tha wall and wait for our moment to jump out.

"When they got close to us tha next thing we saw was pretty damn freaky."

Tha same woman I saw in tha entrance walked passed tha top of tha steps staring directly at us with no expression on her face but tha funny thing was it was so dark in tha place I could barely see my friend's face and yet I could see her prefectly fine with no shadows at all casting on her. "Her hair was a shiney black pulled back into a ponytail and she wore old wood frame bottle cap glasses with a short sleeve black shirt and black pants."

My friend ask her if she was lost but she did not answer, I jumped on my skateboard and hauled ass down tha hall leaving my friend still standing beside her. LOL!

When I turned back to look behind me I noticed that she walk into a room and just disappeared in tha shadows, once we caught our breaths we went back down tha hallway we just passed and I noticed some killa lookin art work on tha walls so I stopped to check it out. As we both were looking at tha wall tha woman was standing beside us again and this time it looked like she tried to say something to us but I heard nothing come out her mouth then once again she disappeared into tha same room she did before. After we both said "Fuck tha upstairs" we made our way to tha boiler room through a underground tunnel beneath tha location and this time tha activity was picking up a bit from scatching sounds on pipes to some unknown source of breeze flowing in making tha tunnels colder than they were a few seconds ago.

"Arriving at tha boiler room"

We cut tha trip tha boiler room short because of tha lack of light we had with us because this was a last minute plan to visit this place and we only had 2 liters & a dual light from a cellphone to guide us. My friend climbs out of a small hole leading to tha outside from in tha tunnels than I make my way out, when my body was halfway out I felt a cold hand on my ankle gripping tightly and it tried to pull me back in.

I shouted outloud "Aiight man, let me go I'm not here to harm you."

Than I felt it's grip released and we haul ass home to tell tha tale of our visit to others. And this was only day one of spotting our location to film our first official music video for tha new track we're keeping secret until tha filming is complete and edited together.

"We are headin there again today and taking cameras this time to take pictures of tha hot spots we have planned for tha video shoot and decide on tha prefect angles and details."