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Life is Good!

Nothing more delicious than having a cold cocoa after a day in the pool!! Life is good! I´m recording the final vocals of my CD this days. It´s really intense, I finish really exhausted every time. However, I´m very happy with the results. Zane Musa is producing the vocals and he really gets me, he knows how to make me feel comfortable and get the best out of me. He is really InZane!!!

Gig at Oyster House update: Change of time

Please, note the change of time in my next show at the Oyster House on Sat. July14 at 10 PM. Sorry about that!

Oyster House Saloon on Sat. July 14!!!

For those who missed my last show and for my friends in the Valley, I will be singing at The Oyster House in Studio City on Saturday July 14 from 10 pm to 12 am. Come along. The band is really swinging! Mahesh Balasooriya on Piano, Zane Musa on Saxs, rene Camacho on Bass, Aaron Serfaty on Drums and yours truly on Vocals. :)

Gig at Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill

I´m sooooooooo excited for tonight!!!! :) Come and join us! it´s gonna be really fun singing with all this 4 incredible players!

Gig at Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill

I will be singing at Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill on June 30 from 8.30 to 10.30 pm. Please check my show posts. The band is going to be absolutely terrific, I´m so excited about it I can wait! Please, come along to share an exciting night of good jazz music and join the fun.


Sorry my latest videos don't have a good image. However, I thought that the sound was good. So, even though they are homemade, I decide it to share them anyways. I hope you enjoy it. I will be doing a professional video. Soon! :)