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EP recording process

Hey guys, as you may or may not know I've been writing an EP of my own songs. There will be some super rocking songs, some softer piano-style stuff, and everything in-between. I'm so excited because I have gotten some really good feedback so far and look forward to any suggestions or things you may want to hear for me to incorporate into my music. I come from playing jazz and orchestral, but fell in love with rock and songwriting. I have many songs, but I've decided to release either one EP with both soft and hard songs on it or one EP with hard songs and another with soft, let me know what you think?

Recording has begun

I have been starting on recording the final versions to songs I've been writing. I'm thinking about posting some early demos throughout the writing process as teasers this coming friday. The finals will most likely change a good bit as their mixed and recorded with the new parts, but these were fun to lay down somer ground work.

Slow Moving

I feel like I've been in a funk lately. I've been in a lot of pain plus school all the time. It's hard to get anything else done sometimes, but I started working on stuff today and it seems like I'm coming back. Time to bring these ideas into reality.

Doing New Things

This is my first post and there's been a little bit of a change I'm going through. Throughout this process I have forced myself to do things that I would normally never do before. I've seen a positive change in a lot of things from my mental health and physical health to an increase in creative passion and openness. That sounds cheesy as shit, I know, but I'm gonna see where this new attitude takes me. Im excited to see what comes next. I'll be writing for the next few month as well as shooting video and photos. That's whats up with me, whats up wit you?