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Scotland!!! Oct/Nov 2013


We just got the official word that we will be traveling to bonnie Scotland at the end of October! We will be playing in the Perthshire Amber Festival in Perthshire (http://www.perthshireamber.com)! The Perthshire Amber Festival brings together many musicians and entertainers from different parts of the world who have been involved with Dougie MacLean over the years. I had the honour of sharing a pint with Dougie a few years back when he was in Seattle touring.

We are very excited and honoured to be apart of this festival and will have to work hard to gather the funds to get us there. So look forward to more merch and exciting fun ways to get involved and help us on our journey! Stay Tuned!!

April! Two great shows! The first one was at Copper Gate in Ballard with the Molasses Theory! What a great night and a lovely little room! Thanks to Kubby for the great sound!

The other was at Black Dog in Snoqualmie on April 27. We shared the stage once again with the Molasses Theory! Such Fun!! What a grand crowd! Thanks to the beautiful community for coming out that night and supporting us and our music! We loved the vibe, the hugs, and the food! Thank you!

SeaStar Wars! Our "May the Fourth" was a great evening! Lots of costumes and cosmic adventures! Thanks to Blue Star Creeper, The HayBurners, Samaya Tribe, and Wynne C Blue for joining us that night on stage! We have photos from that night on our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/seastarsings)

We are working on the new EP that we will have ready by summer's end! Lots of new shows being booked! We are very grateful.

Stay tuned! Lots happening! and Thank you! -Fae

A Grand Year, Indeed! 13 Dec 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012 A Grand Year, indeed!

Thank you to all our friends, family, and fans who made 2012 memorable to say the least!! Our tour to Ireland was a huge success! We are working on the 2013 tour as I type this!! We also have our arrows pointed to Scotland and Italy! It will be quite the travel year!!

Falcone finished his incredible documentary , "The Hall of Giants; The Story of Fremont and its Troll". This is quite the accomplishment! It a story about how public art can form communities, lasting accomplishments and a greater sense of place. We are so proud of him!!

Captain wrote, directed and just completed filming of his latest short film called "Brother", starring Clint McCune of Soul Food Books. The film is due to be relased in March! And he concluded his 10 year run with the Blue November MicroFilmFest. So much success!!!

I had the incredible opportunity to sing in Turkey! WOW! What an incredible place. The history! The grandeur! Completely mindblowing. I can't wait to go back!! I am currently working on a film called "Bir varmış bir yokmuş - Maybe it Happened, Maybe it Didn't", documenting my trip and performances in this magical land I hope to release it in January. Upon my return from Turkey, I went directly to FarWest in Irvine California. That was a great networking expereince!! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many creative musicians! What a great time!!

With the good came the bad. We lost Captain's Mom this year. We lost many amazing friends in our musical community. These hard times have kept us focused on the positive, the light, and the dreams that we hold so dear. I think each of us lived a little louder because of it.

So as we sit in the afterglow of this incredible year, we are gearing up for many wonderful surprises for 2013. A new album! more music videos! and a special surprise!! Stay tuned! Keep watching! And know that we love and appreciate you so!!!

-With love and thanks,


Summertime Swells!


Wow! What an amazing summer! We have been very busy playing festival after festival! We've got sun in our skin, laughter in our smiles!

We hope that you are enjoying summer and will keep an eye out for our autumn shows!

Thanks for listening! Shine on!! -Fae