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LCW Studio Recording

Stephen, Joe and I spent a productive day in the studio at the beginning of May and got four tunes down on tape. We'll have one or two of them ready to roll out sometime in June.

Welcome, friends

I've decided to set up a web presence here on Reverb Nation to supplement my personal web site. While my own web site gives me complete control over content (where I editorialize at length about gear, music and the industry), Reverb Nation is focussed more on the music.

Additionally, Reverb Nation gives me the ability to reach out (using FanReach) via targeted mailings to keep you all advised of upcoming shows, new recordings, and other activites. FanReach's user agreement assures me that your email addresses will not be disclosed for other marketing purposes, so I encourage you to join my mailing list.

I still play out every now and then, mostly short sets at open mics.

I'd like to play more "wallpaper" gigs providing background music at restaurants, galleries, and other locations where people congregate in the early evening hours for quiet conversation. I play quietly enough that the patrons can enjoy themselves, but with enough musical "substance" that someone who's inclined to pay attention to the music will be suitably engaged. If you know of a venue that would appreciate my music, I'd appreciate if you'd recommend me to the proprietor.

In addition to my solo guitar improvisations, I've been working on a slightly more structured project with my friends Stephen Caird (bass and cello) and Joe WIlliams (drums and percussion). We've adapted many of my motifs to the trio format. Stephen has brought in a number of his motifs as well. The trio, with the working name LCW (Lamkins/Caird/Williams) is looking forward to putting on some performances for our friends.