FIGHTER CHALLENGE #5 ...and I'm feeling good

Fighter challenge #5 and I'm feeling good Fighters if your wondering not smoking isn't fun! I did the three days and decided to try it again because  not only did I wait forever to start but I fell off more than a few times so I started again the first day after completing the 3days I smoked why because I'm addicted (no judgement please) but after feeling bad about myself I realized I'm not smoking nearly as much as I did before the F.C.#4 and that's pretty cool to me;) I was recently walking with a friend who  was pretty down on himself and not really interested in life so he says, I had to ask then if your not into living then why do u go to work he said because he doesn't want to be living on the streets I reminded him that that was because he was into life and he just forgot or was to busy pilling up his NOTS as a posed to his Haves and we all are fall victim to this type of dismorphic self opinion and it becomes harder and harder for us to see the good that we have in life and the good that we are as people. If u only have a home and no furniture u must remember that u have a home a very big achievement in NYC in my opinion not his, and having a job is a stress all into itself and getting up to go to a place that you might loath shows how strong you actually are. All these things might be thought to be an optimistic way of looking at things but it's not it's the realistic views just a different path of focus. It's choosing to feel good about ourselves and why should we choose to feel good about ourselves? Because its our duty to ourselves don't wait around to be lifted up be your own uplifter everyday! There is enough opposition from the world around you don't add to it propel yourself past it! FIGHTER CHALLENGE# 5 build yourself up and you'll be saying "and I'm feeling good" when ever u notice yourself pilling dirt on your being find 5 more things that you can say to dig yourself out of the hole u have been digging get a shovel and shove those damaging thoughts out of your fucking way like the fighter u are!


(CONTINUED FROM P 1) But I have done wrong I've allowed my self to be a pawn to corporate fat cats and companies that would probably rather scratch my skin off with their sharp nails than allow their 16-17 year olds to begin my ritual and for me that's the deciding factor for this challenge and this one is a hard one! I have 10 cylinders of joy a thought that would normally send me to the store no matter what time to buy more and ideally I would throw them out now but I live in NYC and I payed $13 to own my happiness so I'm going to finish them (that's the addiction talking) but this time I'm not going to freak the fuck out when they are gone I heard that after the first three days your more apt to be free of the desire to smoke which I doubt but I would like to be free of those fatcats! Maybe u have no desire to be Cigarette free but I would hope any fighter would like to show their strength and determination against corporate greed and manipulation that comes with it and that we as FIGHTERS can prove to the most important person in the world (ourselves) that we are the deciders of our life and we won't be dictated to by objects that care nothing of our survival (mainly because they cant really talk but u get what im saying)so the FIGHTER CHALLENGE#4 is a 3day (hopefully more) fag fast up in smoke! MAYBE on day 4 you'll start your ritual all over but MAYBE you'd realize that u don't have to be dependent on the 20 sticks that come in a box because we are more powerful than the companies and that cats no matter how fat they are their usually not as mind strong as we are and that is the truth so when ever you get to your last cig tell it that your stronger and that you are going to demonstrate your power over it perhaps u won't last the entire three days of the fast and that's ok because they have been controlling us for so long but the awesome thing about this and every FIGHTER CHALLENGE is that it is for us! people try to quit everyday and it doesn't always take on the first or fiftieth time but we can keep trying we owe it to ourselves as people not just as FIGHTERS to know that we can do it it and three days is just a starting point you can adapt this to be just a day if your afraid of failure and then two and then three and so on my point is to say don't beat yourself up over not getting this F.C. Right away because then those fatcats have won and they aren't thundercats so we shouldn't let them win find your light not from your pockets but the one inside of us all we can provide lights for nations if we wanted because we're what?FIGHTERS! 3 days from your last cigarette lets do it who needs it anyway? after the third day if u feel u still need it or better yet u want it im not hating but show yourself that u are a light and u want it to be seen! FIGHTERS the only challenges that we CANT overcome are the ones were not willing to try i hope your willing to try this F.C.#4 its going to be difficult and at times you might think its impossible but its not and FIGHTERS are powerful!!!! have a great week and be safe and happy atleast three days and u completed this FIGHTER CHALLENGE! YOU got this!

FIGHTER CHALLENGE #4 (P1) FAGFASTup in smoke(p1)


Fighters u probably think that the violence bitch is late with the blog and thus not even following F.C.#2 but that's not entirely true (that's a generator ohm reference Incase u missed it) the truth Is I have been waiting to do the challenge because of the level of difficulty and the unfortunate fact that I THEVIOLENCE was not yet able to do the challenge because like a large number of people in the world I suffer from a strong and powerful life deciding addiction to tobacco. And while I have never sucked a dick at an interstate truck stop (for a cigarette ;) I have allowed myself to do things that i. Necessarily did not want to in order to inhale the legal smoke that I can buy in any part of the country not only have I ignored the surgeon general,the astronomical price,the isolation, the judgement, the cold of winter and the looming threat of the big C I also ignored myself which everyone knows is never a good thing just for the delight I get from the first pull of a new cigarette and the oddly satisfying feeling of flicking the old cylinder of "cool" to the ground and repeating my "ritual" atleast 19 more times but in truth there were more than a few occasions when i repeated my ritual 20 or hell 40 more times a night without even feeling... well anything I only was doing what I've been doing from the first time I snuck (stole) 3 slim treats from my grandmother when I was 16 so it was fine because now I'm an adult and i buy my own so what wrong was I doing? None. (challenge continued)


hey FIGHTERS! its Monday!which kind of sucks but today for me its kind of cool because i followed FIGHTER CHALLENGE #2 and am on time with this post so from this point on expect a new fighter challenge every Monday! for everyone that followed the (F.C. #2) i told u to wipe that smirk off your face:) no matter where we go we see people that are struggling today and for alot of people its just easier to simply turn around and look the other way.we dont always think of other humans as people rather than obstacles that we need to shuffle around while we are trying to navigate our day.we dont see the tiredness in the cashiers eyes we just see that its taking them way to long to ring up that person three people in front of us. we dont want to hear the story of the homeless man who really just wants a dollar for food .....or beer (i would want beer if i was homeless) we just get upset that they are trying to make their problems ours so we forget that he can get just as "clean" as we are we see people with sadness on their face and disregard them as weak people when in truth we all have suffered the defeat of the day at some point in our lives,its the human experience to only know happiness would not be human even people that we feel are doing good might have some problems and we cant forget that it doesnt only take a village to raise a child but also to raise a people. it takes caring understanding and above all EMPATHY,and therein lies the FIGHTER CHALLENGE #3 EMPATHY em·pa·thy noun \ˈem-pə-thē\

Definition of EMPATHY(webster) the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner. lets take this week and try to be even more empathetic to those around us and lets try to see things from the point of view of others more perhaps if us FIGHTERS are able to show our empathetic side others around us will too begin to develop or further develop their sense of understanding twards others around them and thus causing an epidemic of better humans. now of course feeling peoples pains(and happiness) is awesome,but it shouldnt stop there im not saying to give money or anything like that (unless u want to) but sometimes people just need to be treated as people and not obstacles to avoid maybe i dont have any money when im asked but i can at the very least acknowledge the person that more than likely had to dig deep within themselves to ask me a complete stranger for a dollar i know because it would take a lot of strength for me to ask if you think about it it might take you alot of strength too lets try to see the world from others point of view free of judgement and persecution and lets talk about how much more free our weeks were:)

Fighter challenge #2 time? What is it time for?

Fighters I hope your all ready to wrap your head around something about me.... IM LATE ALL THE TIME. And its only fashionable when its Not multiple hours It's never my intention to be late it just always seems to happen to me. I'm what's known as a procrastination maven,and while I did use the "m" word and it makes it sound cool it's not as I've been told. Usually Its because I don't want to be around people that aren't fighters I.e. people that aren't u, but I'm sure that's just an excuse that I made to not feel upset about being late in the first place and why should I make excuses? Because its wrong and it doesn't help me or anyone to be late and I know that we'd be here for hours if I went into the multitude of possibilities why I might be late all the time but don't just sit there reading and judging my time deficiantcy because while I'm sure no one is ever as late as I am(I actually wanted this posted by Monday so that I could make a new one on Monday ) I'm sure we all share some type of time difficulty and hence comes THE FIGHTER CHALLENGE#2 time management how many times are you on time for things u do this week? How many times early? What can we do to be more prompt and on time? For myself it means to prepare prior to the day of by picking outfits and sticking to what I decided as aposed to changing at the last moment (challenge#1 resurrected ) but also better planning these are all things that are told to me by people when I tell them that I'm late because of the train which is the truth but everyone takes the train and they are already there so they don't want to hear it....:I'm told . It's difficult to be on time but I'm a fighter so let's fight together if u don't share this challenge, the third one Will be on Monday and then you'll be able to tell how my time management is going...it will be here on Monday take that smirk off your face! Have a safe weekend fighters!xoxoxoxo THEVIOLENCE


For every Fighter there is a challenge.We all are challenged everyday;we are all trying to navigate life as best we see fit. without a real guide line as to where we are going just a hope that where ever it is we arrive safely aNd happy and thats really the goal of all people not just us amazing FIGHTERS but everyone even the people who have yet to recognize the fight that they have inside of them the one that we all were given with the awesomeness that drove our parents to create us and their parents before them and their parents parents since the beginning of humanity but sometimes it is hard to find that light even when you are aware that is there and you remember fondly the warmth that it has afforded you in times of despair or frustration or anything that keeps us from winning the round so that we can advance to the next. beware this can happen to very seasoned fighters not just rookies it has happened to me a very very very seasoned FIGHTER(a lifer) sometimes i think that i cant do things that i think of artistically (and in this game of survival of the fittest that we all are sparing at) i resolve myself to thinking that im overwhelmed before i even start i attempt to block myself from the struggle that sometimes comes from creating and sharing. im sure that alot of you awesome fighters have felt the same dimmer on your lights at some time. for me it is an epiphany that i have realized that i can do what i waNT and i can create things that i havent seen or heard or experienced because the only opponent to overcome is myself not the "what if " people or the "i told u so": parade but me and thats the same for u too. the challenge that i take on this week as a FIGHTER is to trust myself more and to get in the way of myself LESS. i challenge u too FIGHTERS its not just for music and art its for everything we MUST trust ourselves and we must be the light even though the world wants everyone the same shade of dim! take the challenge FIGHTERS and lets talk about how much better our weeks become -THE VIOLENCE