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Iron Dragon Gains Exposure in Local Newspaper

June 3rd's issue of Yorkton This Week (Kaleidoscope - B Section / page #2) has a almost Full page article feature Iron Dragon along with a cool pic of Sam & I jamming in my Basement. There is also a review of the CD (recieved a 6 out of 10). Many thanks to the Column Writer: Calvin Daniels for this Opportunity!

Iron Dragon Receiving RADIO Air Time in BELGIUM

I am Incredibly Excited to Announce that the OVERDRIVE Radio Show (The oldest metal show in Belgium, started back in 1981 - broadcasting on Wednesdays) has been giving Iron Dragon some Air Time! # WEEK 24 (Sun. 10 Jun, 2007 - Sat. 16 Jun, 2007) - SONG: "Burning Rage" # WEEK 25 (Sun. 17 Jun, 2007 - Sat. 23 Jun, 2007) - SONG: "The Ballad With No Name" # WEEK 26 (Sun. 24 Jun, 2007 - Sat. 30 Jun, 2007) - SONG: "One Man's Salvation"

Overdrive played on these Belgium Stations: Radio Meetjesland - 107.3 FM Radio Aktief - 107.6 FM Radio TNT - http://www.tntradio.be