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My first ReverbNation Blog!

Hallelujah on me figuring out how to do all this! Part of me admits that I have previously dreaded promo, but this year (and with a new EP in tow) I am committed to letting you guys know about everything. It will take time, but it is valuable time that I am making sure to make free for you! So, I have uploaded all 'Destiny, Save Me' tracks to this page and am still working on getting them all at the top of the page. Something is malfunctioning and I swear this time it's not me. So, be patient, but soon all will be at hte top. Right now you have to scroll down to the bottom to click on the other 6 tracks. Lyrics are posted as well. I also posted a new show August 7th at Tate St. Coffee. Please come out and see me or give me a shout out on here to let me know how you are liking the new EP. Oh, and I almost forgot. Both CDBaby and Digstation accounts have been updated but may take 24 hours to register the changes. I have lowered pricing on 'Stranger in the Mirror' and now 'Destiny, Save Me' is available for purchase and also digital downloads. Just go to www.cdbaby.com/morganmcpherson or www.digstation.com/morganmcpherson. Also PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN STILL ORDER 'DESTINY, SAVE ME' FROM WWW.SILVERCHORDRECORDS.COM and I encourage you to do this because it helps support me even more. As always, they are available at live shows without shipping cost. Thanks again, and tell all your friends to sign up on my mailing list.