Round Four to be featured on this weeks Metal Deli!

Round Four is going to be featured on The Metal Deli! Details below! THE METAL DELI #153!! It starts TUESDAY OCTOBER 7 and plays ALL WEEK at www.themetaldeli.com Check it out -- I hope you enjoy!!! Death Rattle Poor Excuse For a Man Cracked Alice Hangman Genotype Heliosphere Catapult the Propaganda Breathless A Higher Demise Here We Go Again Seventrain Bittersweet The Mighty Swine Last Man Standing Mammoth Salmon Dark Descent Malas Disgraced Skull Jack Make Me ill Southern Whiskey Rebellion Wander the Banks Pain Savior Poison is the New Medicine Revel 9 The Good Fight Round Four Starving Piranah Solid Ground Lords of the Trident Plan of Attack Legions of Raum The Great Beast Evolved Liberty in Embers Death By Betrayal Perpetual Fire Time Machine Naildriver Phoenix Mother Misery Standing Alone Death Rattle Doomsday The Metal Deli is also featured on the following stations: mhxradio.com splashmusic.com (England) rockmauritius.com (Maurituis Island) coreofdestruction.com inthepitradio.com 13stepsradio.com www.hardrockradio.hu (Hungary) Audio Graffiti (UK)

Web/Radio Show News

This Saturday at Groove Hill Studio, Round Four will be taking part in a new web-based/radio show “Grooving On The Hill”. "Grooving On The Hill" is a web/radio show designed to promote the diverse music of Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick, and Saint John. "Grooving On The Hill" will be a vehicle to promote artists, bands and grow the scene. Our episode will be recorded on August 23rd and once it is finished and out there for everyone to view we will share how you can check it out!

Metal Mayhem Show

We have another show booked - Saturday, May 3rd at the Trap in Saint John. Joining two other killer bands - No Man's Throne and Civil Defence!

Trick or Thrash Halloween Metal Mayhem Show

Just 10 days to go until the Trick or Thrash Halloween Metal Mayhem show at Mayhem Music Studios. Show features Round Four, Beyond Recoil, Rifium, Rome Must Fall and Down in Black!

The Trap Show - September 27th

Awesome time last night at the show at the Trap! Thanks to A Code of Silence, Rome Must Fall and The Real Great Scott for doing the show with us! Thanks to the Trap for having us. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, it was a large crowd that came out to the show and metal is alive and well on the East side of Saint John! Next show is Saturday, October 26th - Trick or Thrash at Mayhem Music Studios!

Welcome to Tyler Cummings

As we said once before, “There is nothing permanent except change”. Yet again, we have to pass along some news of change in Round Four. Our long time drummer of many years and good friend, Art Cramm has had to regretfully decided he has to leave the band, as he has other projects on the go, and its all causing too much interference with the family and their time together. Round Four has always been like a family and is all about family and we totally support your decision Art. Art, you are like a brother to us all and one of our best buds, we will miss you and wish you all the best!

Art's last show with the band will be this coming Friday, September 27th, Metal Mash at the Trap (607 Rothesay Avenue). We hope to see you all and especially all of Art's friends out there supporting him at his last gig with us and giving him a great send off night he won't forget!

At this time, we would like to officially welcome Tyler Cummings to the band. Tyler's first show with us will be at the Trick or Thrash Halloween Mayhem show on Saturday, October 26th. Tyler is an awesome drummer with a very heavy style and a fondness for lots of double kick! We are very excited for our first show with Tyler and hope to see you all on October 26th!

Welcome to Rene St. Pierre

“There is nothing permanent except change”. So with that quote, we have to pass along some news of change in Round Four. Our guitar player Ryan Bernard has decided to leave the band, citing work and family conflicts, just not enough time for all. Ryan was only with us a short time, but he became a very good and close friend to all of us and he will be missed. At this time, we would like to officially welcome Rene St. Pierre to the band. Rene has already performed in two shows with us, on August 22nd at the Pub Down Under and the Neqotkuk Music Festival on September 1st. Rene is an amazing guitar player, and we are so thrilled to have him join the band.

Upcoming Shows

Hey everyone, here is some info on our upcoming shows. Thanks for liking our page and supporting the band. Please share our page with your friends.


Thursday, August 22nd - Pub Down Under Round Four Tactus Deathpoint


Friday, September 27th - The Trap (Parkside Lounge) Discarded Outcome The Real Great Scott Round Four A Code of Silence

We are proud to be loud!

Rockabonga was awesome!

We had a blast at Rockabonga! So many awesome bands and great people there! Special thanks to Chasing Dragons for setting up this amazing line up of metal/hard rock acts. We were proud to be loud and share the stage with so many awesome bands from our region.


Round Four takes the stage at Rockabonga tomorrow at 3:00pm. Its going to be an awesome show that you don't want to miss. Thirteen killer bands! We are Proud to be Loud!!