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bea B and The axxmann Live @ @90.1 fm Live tomorrow

If Y'all get a chance tomorrow, tune in and have some fun with us....

Bea Bahr & Matt "The Axxman" MacDermaid will be Live In Studio C with Kimberly on her version of The Session called Silk, soul & Blue, High Noon until One PM on Q90.1FM during pledge drive in support of programming on Delta College Quality Public Radio. Trish Lewis will be in the house as Kim's technical producer and offering comments from the peanut gallery. Call in support of great local programming like Bea Bahr & The Axxman who were indeed Born With The Blues!

Russell laying our song...LOL songs...

Hi Every Body, Listen To

'' BLUES WITH RUSSELL '' Featuring Bea B and the Axxmann BLUES WITH RUSSELL HOUR

He Will Play our Whole Cd "Born With The Blues"

THURSDAY, 7 PM - 9 PM , PST www.blueswithrussell.com