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New digs (once again) equals new adventures

Hey y'all! I'm looking out my window and watching the rain fall on the Space Needle & Queen Anne Hill as I write this. If you've been following my career, you'll know that this is my 2nd major relocation in the last few years. The move to Chicago from Detroit in the Spring of 2008 was less drastic as I'd been touring the Midwest for 8 years prior to that, but this move to Seattle means starting over in many ways. Some aspects of that are scary, however I find that I'm more excited than nervous as I make the Pacific Northwest my home base.

The internet is the great equalizer in this whole process. With my artist page here, my home site www.lukesayers.com & my YouTube page, I have virtually limitless possibilities to stay musically in touch with you as I begin to fill my gig calender in the Seattle area. I will be putting up new songs ASAP, but in the meantime I hope you'll enjoy the recent additions I've made to my sites. I welcome your input & encouragement...because, after all, we're in this together.



Baby, it's cold outside

This being my first newsletter of 2009, let me say happy new year! Here in Chicago we're "enjoying" record cold temperatures and snow. Spirits have managed to remain high as the inauguration draws near, thus taking America in historically new directions. I'll be doing a set @ the Heartland Cafe in Chicago's Rogers Park Tuesday night in honor of the big event.

Less than a week later, Jan. 26th, I'll be doing a guest spot @ Silvie's Lounge in Chicago's Ravenspark for Terra J. Jura's Acoustic Underground series @ 9 pm. This will preview my previously scheduled slot @ Silvie's Lounge on Feb. 2nd from 10:50-11:20 pm as part of John Fuczaj's Acoustic Explosion series. Both of these nights feature Chicago's established and rising songwriters/musicians, and your support will help keep original acoustic music thriving in our communities.

I will make my first journey of '09 to South Bend, IN as I return to the fabulous Fiddler's Hearth public house on Thursday, Feb. 12th @ 9 pm. This is honestly one of the coziest rooms I've played, and you'll love Fiddler's for a relaxed & fun listening environment. Great food, drinks, atmosphere, service, and your favorite acoustic American roots music.

One of Chicago's best known and loved singer/songwriter/acoustic music venues is Uncommon Ground. I'm very excited to be playing their new room on Devon in Chicago's historic Edgewater neighborhod w/ one of the best young singer/songwriters I've met in a long time, Ms. Lindsey Czechowicz. Lindsey's voice is beautiful, her songs are sincere, and she's a great person to boot. We'll be joining one another on a few of each other's songs, so this will truly be a special night of music for y'all to enjoy. The stage at the Devon location is beautiful, and you'll want to come back as often as possible once you've taken in a show there. So come on out and cure your Valentine's Day love hangover w/ us!

Don't forget to visit us @ some new spots on the web. I have a personal page on Facebook, so for those of you who are there please look me up! I've got three new live solo performance videos up on YouTube for you to enjoy. Click on over there and link up w/ me if you have your own page. You can hear two new songs, the mandolin feature "Second City Serenade" (live @ the legendary Chicago area venue Fitzgerald's), and "None above" (live @ a Chicago area house concert) before they're recorded. I'll also be posting some demos of many new songs here for your enjoyment to fill the void left by the indefinite amount of time that will pass before I'll be able to release a new CD. There's lots of new pics n stuff there too.

We've got your musical needs covered, and as always you can go right through us directly @ www.lukesayers.com where you can buy "Radio Flower" T shirts as well as the CD itself! "Long Way Back" and "Songbook; the introduction" are available to collect as well. Send me your reviews of the new CD and we'll get em posted. Your support keeps us going...literally! Just so you won't think your support goes unnoticed, check out the article/interview Rich Albertoni of the Isthmus (Madison, WI) wrote to preview our show @ the Brink Lounge on December 5th last year. You inspire our work, so thanks for giving us the encouragement to send the music out the waiting world.

Have a great month, and we'll see you out there! peace,


Great new article

With so much going on in this holiday season I won't try and overload you here. I just wanted to share this cool new article in the Isthmus (Madison, WI music and arts mag) in which Rich Albertoni previews our show on Friday, December 5th @ The Brink Lounge. Here's the link:


The article is very insightful, and Rich really digs into my childhood hometown North Branch, MI. Unbelievable...but I have to say I was touched by the insight he shared about the music. If you're in Madison, please come on out or tell your friends in the area to go in your place. The Brink Lounge is a beautiful room and a great place to enjoy live music you really want to LISTEN to. Have a great weekend!